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Big Rock Archery Recurve Riser - 25"

Big Rock Archery Recurve Riser - 25"

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Lightweight affordable magnesium riser. Wood effect Grip

ILF Fitting

weighing in at 1103g
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Very poor quality
(Posted on 17/10/2018)
I will start by saying this is not the fault of Merlin Archery but this arrived looking like it was a used second had item - there are scuff marks on it and the paint finish is truely awful with patches where the paint has run and patches where the paint is so thin you can see the white base coat - while this is not Merlin Archery's fauly they should be embarrassed to sell an item in this condition - trust me and buy an alternative - at the time this review was left an Axiom riser is available for a very good price
Review by Gatekeeper
If it wasnt 1hr 30min drive then i would have gone back to the store to change the allen keys and pick up manual
(Posted on 16/02/2018)
I purchased my Big Rock Recurve 25" on 11th Jan 18 at 15.28 invoice L*****. to be Honest the bow is great but after using it for a few weeks i needed to tighten up a few grub screws with the Allen keys to find that the keys i have don't fit anything also to find that i was meant to have a manual with my riser which i never got let alone my arrows was cut to the wrong sizes which i found out after my first shoot otherwise great bow
Review by Darren
Good value for money. recommended
(Posted on 06/01/2018)
Went into the Leicestershire store to purchase this with the mybo synergy limbs been doing archery for 3months and it was time to get my first bow. After reading bad reviews I wasn't expecting much but for the price i wanted a look, after seeing it first hand it was spot on paint was good and no runs or defects as mentioned in previous review the grip is a nice wood effect and fits my hand perfectly. Had the bow assembled in store and shot on the range with carbon arrows and I couldn't fault it glad I bought it great value for money.
Review by Roochi
Cheap Chinnese for no more that 35 dollars
(Posted on 25/09/2017)
I bought this riser after follow sugestion of seller in Bishop A.
This reaser plus Mybo Synergy Star Recurve Limbs after just small shake in the hands gived me effect to landing limbs on the floor. Completely not useless set up.
Review by Vivaldi
Poorly finished
(Posted on 09/03/2017)
One of the cheaper risers but that is no excuse for such poor paintwork/finish. The first one arrived with paint runs, and a strip unpainted (presumably where they hung it by a wire to spray it). The second one arrived with two scratches next to the pressure button hole and a major inclusion in the paint and also has paint runs. Both had minor inclusions throughout the paint.
Review by GSRider

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Big Rock Archery Recurve Riser - 25" - Right Handed - Red
Product Code: 723594
Big Rock Archery Recurve Riser - 25" - Right Handed - Red

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