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The Penthalon Traditional Extreme has a coat of real wood!

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Bearpaw Penthalon Traditional Extreme - Custom Made Arrow is available to buy in increments of 6
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‘Spine’ is the term used when referring to the stiffness of the arrow.  Arrow shafts come in a variety of spines, and it is important the correct one is selected.

Many factors, such as bow type, arrow length and draw weight will all influence the selection.

Generally speaking, longer arrows and heavier draw weights will require stiffer spines, while shorter arrows and lighter draw weights will require weaker spines.

Arrow manufacturers provide ‘Arrow Selection Charts’ which will enable you to cross reference your measurements with their product line.  Use these charts to help you identify the correct arrow spine, or drop us an email if you would like some help.


If you would like us to cut your shafts, enter your AMO arrow length in INCHES here.  e.g. 29.5"

If you do not want the shafts cutting, enter "Do not cut"

The term ‘AMO’ stands for Archery Manufacturers Organisation.  They produce a set of standards the archery industry can work to. 

AMO Arrow Length is the measurement of an arrow taken from the bottom of the groove of the nock, to the end of the shaft.  (Not including the points or point inserts).

These are the standards we work to.


Our cutting tolerances are + - 1/16”

(Please check the maximum stock length of the shaft as specified in the description.  We can't cut the shafts longer than the stock length!)

Maximum number of characters: 12


Manufacturers often offer different point styles and different point weights for any given arrow model. 

Examples of different styles may be ‘screw-in’ or ‘break-off’.  Select your preferred style from the selection box here.

If you require a specific point weight, please add it to the comments box below.  Correct point weight is usually determined using the manufacturers recommendations, although some archers will prefer to use a point weight based on their own experience. 

Please be sure to check the point weight you are requesting does exist and is compatible with your arrow spine.  Either by reviewing the manufacturers selection charts or finding the point on our website.  (We are happy to help prior to purchasing if you are unsure) 

Unless instructed otherwise, we will use a point weight appropriate to the arrow based off of the manufacturers guidelines.


Please note that some arrow shafts come factory fitted with a specific nock.  In cases like this, we are unable to exchange the nock for an alternative.   

99% of aluminium and carbon arrows will use either a ‘Push-in Nock’ or ‘Pin Nock’.   

Push-in nocks are single piece plastic nocks that are pushed into the back of the shaft.    

Pin Nocks are fitted over an aluminium ‘pin’, with the pin itself fitted to the back of the shaft. 

Taper-fit nocks are mostly used on wooden arrows, but occasionally found on low cost aluminium shafts.  The end of the shaft is tapered, with the nock being glued over the taper of the shaft. 

The orientation of the nock is usually different depending on whether you shoot a compound bow with a release aid (cock fletch up), or recurve/traditional bows shot with fingers (cock fletch out).   

Also note that compound and traditional bows often have a thicker string than a recurve bow.  This is why some nocks are available as a ‘small groove’ or ‘large groove’ option.   

Specify in the comments box below how you would like your nocks orientated, or if (model permitting) you require a small groove or large groove nock. 

Please check (or ask us prior to ordering) which nocks are compatible and enter the make and model into the comments box below. 

If no nock is specified or insufficient information is provided, we will use standard components. 

Please note that Beiter Nocks are not included in the standard price of our arrows.  If you would like us to build your arrows with Beiter nocks, please drop us an email and we will be able to prepare a bespoke order for you.   


A fletching is used to stabilise the arrow. 

There is no golden rule about what size fletching to use.  Generally speaking, the smaller the arrow the smaller the fletching, and vice-versa.

The more finely tuned the bow, the less work the fletching needs to do to straighten the arrow. In fact, a super tuned bow can shoot an arrow without any fletchings surprisingly well.

The type of bow you use also makes a difference.  For example, a compound archer using a release aid can use smaller fletchings as the arrow is launched with less flex and requires less correction.  But archers with a finger loose generate more arrow flex and can benefit from larger fletchings helping to stabilise the flight more quickly.

By default we offer 3 options.  (Other options are available, such as Spin Vanes and arrow wraps.  Please contact our customer service team if for a bespoke quotation)

1) Bare Arrows. No fletchings are supplied or fitted.

2) Plastic Vanes.  By far, the most popular type of fletching.  Durable, easy to glue and low maintenance.

3) Feathers. Very forgiving and stabilise the arrow very quickly.  They have a built in natural spin when fletched straight, or are commonly fletched with a helical to increase spin and maximise arrow stability.

They are often used on traditional bows that are shot from the shelf or hand, as feathers do not deflect in the same way as a plastic vane, but simply brush past. 

Although they are sold as ‘left wing’ and ‘right wing’, this does not reflect the hand of the archer. It is the wing of the bird, not the handedness of the archer.

Bearpaw Penthalon Traditional Extreme - Custom Made Arrow is available to buy in increments of 6

The Penthalon Traditional Extreme has a coat of real wood!

Extremely durable and extremely traditional. With these two terms, you get right to the point of the characteristics of the Traditional Extreme Carbon shafts.

In an elaborate manufacturing process, Bearpaw have equipped their tried and tested Penthalon Hunter Carbon shaft with a thin ash wood shroud. The Penthalon Traditional Extreme is very difficult to distinguish from a pure wood shaft.

In addition to superb looks, the wood surface of this carbon shaft can be embellished as you would with a real wood arrow. Crowning, cresting and varnish are all possible. The Penthalon Traditional Extreme is extremely durable and sturdy.


  • Spine: 300, 350, 400, 500, 600
  • Straightness: +/- .006"
  • Quality: 100% Carbon
  • Finish: Real ash wood
  • Includes: Shaft only (nocks, inserts and points must be ordered separately)
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