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Bear Take Down Riser B - Right Handed - Dymondwood

Bear Take Down Riser B - Right Handed - Dymondwood
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In 1969 Fred Bear introduced his crowning achievement – The TakeDown recurve bow system. The simplicity of this classic design has made it one of the most highly collected and utilized bows since its introduction. Whether heading out for one day or packing for an extended hunting trip, this legendary but modern design allows for easy transportation and quick assembly. It is easy to see why Mr. Bear hunted with this bow entirely until his last hunt.


3-piece riser – is made of black Dymondwood® with a red accent stripe.


* A-Riser = 56" AMO - #1 Limbs
* A-Riser = 60" AMO - #3 Limbs
* B-Riser = 60" AMO - #1 Limbs
* B-Riser = 64" AMO - #3 Limbs
* Crowned, cut-on center arrow shelf with Bear Hair Rest and leather side plate
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