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Bear Ausable 64" Flatbow

Bear Ausable 64" Flatbow



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Now available in 62" and 64". The AuSable flatbow aptly named after the AuSable River, introduced in 2011 has been well received by longbow enthusiasts.

What sets the AuSable longbow apart is its reflex/deflex design, larger sight window, full radiused grip and crowned, cut on center arrow shelf. The bamboo core limbs make this bow smooth, quiet and fast.


* 2-piece riser – made from exotic Bubinga wood and matching accent stripe
* Limbs – 3 layers, the center core of bamboo is overlaid with 2 layers of clear maple creating a smooth-shooting and powerful bow – and backed with high strength black fiberglass
* Tips – handcrafted with layered black and white fiberglass


* 62" or 64" AMO Length
* Dynaflight 97 Flemish String
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Bear Ausable 64" Flatbow - Right Handed - 50#^
Product Code: 708677
Bear Ausable 64" Flatbow - Right Handed - 50#^

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