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90cm Layered Foam Archery Target

90cm Layered Foam Archery Target
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Heavy duty layered foam archery targets -  Lighter than straw, kind to arrows and weather resistant. Very popular style of target used all over the country for competitions, club and leisure use. 


Height of target may very from batch to batch.

Please note, colour of the foam may vary!

Suitable usage guide -

  • Competition compound bows - Yes

  • Competition recurve bows - Yes

  • Leisure compound bows - Yes

  • Leisure recurve bows - Yes

  • Traditional bows - Yes

  • Full size crossbows - Good for middle weight crossbows. (The Mybo SURESHOT Product Code:718864 is our best crossbow target)

  • Pistol crossbows - No

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Arrows do go fairly deep
(Posted on 22/04/2018)
Just got this as my old Target finally had the foam escape the weave after 6 years, first impressions were wow its flat, not like my old about to explode one, tested it out with my faithful 45lb bow and was not immediately happy, the arrows went in a lot, as in 8 - 11 inch, on my old one was 6 - 8, needed a arrow puller to pull the arrows out, never ever used it before! looks like it may now get some use.
I can well believe a 55lb bow would go through, mine were just short as the target is 11.5 inch deep, but seems not to have caused too much damage though, will better compare in 6 years :-)
Review by Keith
For the price.. very good.
(Posted on 09/11/2017)
Good size boss and easy to attach target faces. Though the boss stops my arrows they do stick out the back of the boss by 3 to 6 inches using a compound bow set to 55 lb. I have put around a 1000 arrows into the boss and it still looks great. Should last a season I think.
Review by Ian

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