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Velo Vinyls - Halloween - Arrow Wraps - 13pk

Velo Vinyls - Halloween - Arrow Wraps - 13pk
Product Code:731239
In Store Price:£9.98

Custom Made Item. Usually ships within 1-3 days.

PLEASE NOTE: Although these wraps are listed as "in stock", because of the custom nature of them, they are dispatched daily from the manufacturer, if you require some of these wraps in our stores, please confirm a couple of days in advance so that we can get them ready for you.

Vibrant, Visual, Versatile.

Step up and stand out at the shooting line with this new colourful range of Velo Vinyls arrow wraps, exclusive to Merlin Archery!
These wraps are 75 microns thick, providing excellent protection for your shaft while having no effect on the arrow flight.

Arrow wraps are becoming more and more popular, as the practicality of them is clear to see, whenever you require a re-fletch, you can do so knowing that you aren’t going to be scratching or chipping away at the shaft itself, simply peel away the wrap, re-wrap and re-fletch.

Velo Vinyls arrow wraps offer this protection whilst combining it with print quality up to 1440 dpi.
These wraps come in 3 pre set widths:

• Small – for shafts up to 5.5mm Diameter
• Medium – for shafts up to 8mm Diameter
• Large – for shafts up to 9.5mm Diameter

We offer the chance to name your shaft model and spine to get a perfect fit, minimizing the overlap and creating a more aesthetically pleasing finish to the wrap.

They also come with the option of 100mm or 150mm lengths.

Please take into consideration the fletching size you will be using and whether you are personalising the wraps with your name and number, consider the finished product when selecting your measurements.

We recommend fletching with AAE Fast set gel, due to its quick drying properties but any fletching glue will be suitable.

PLEASE take care when fletching, if you find yourself going a little overboard with the fletching glue and having to wipe away a lot of excess, you will always run the risk of discolouration or distorting the graphic.

For increased durability we recommend fletching the index vane over the wrap joint.
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