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Unigram Magsling

Unigram Magsling
Product Code:733329
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New Magnetic Bowsling From Unigram.

Ultra Strong Magnet Can Hold Up To 10kgs Before Uncliping

Soft Comfortable Padded Wrist Strap

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"THE bowsling"
(Posted on 07/05/2018)
used it for a tournament this weekend. Super light, super easy to use. Feels really rigid. Im very please with mine!
Review by Lars Andersen
Nice product
(Posted on 01/05/2018)
I have now bought a second sling, for the youngster in our archery team. The sling is very useful, and works very well. I would like the sling to come in different colours, to embrace more people.
Review by Olsson
Very good
(Posted on 04/04/2018)
I am very satify with my sling. I bought one to my oldest son, and it was easy to fit and it is easy to use.
Review by Malte
Save your money. Buy a simple cord sling.
(Posted on 17/03/2018)
The acid test for any sling is 'Can I trust this thing to catch a bow that cost me about 2 grand?'. In the case of the Magsling, the answer is no. I shot 3 ends with it. When I wrapped it round the bow the 4th time the disc fell of the string. Merlin have offered me a refund. I'll take it.
Review by Peter Draper

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