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Armex Tomcat Pistol Crossbow (C001)

Product Code: 700155
In-store price: £28.50

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Armex Tomcat Pistol Crossbow (C001)


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IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: Due to specific customs regulations we are unable to ship crossbows to Norway and Ireland

Alloy self-cocking 80lb pistol crossbow.

• High Efficiency Cocking Lever
• High-Tech 80lb fibreglass prod
• Bolt-accurizing track design
• Automatic String Alignment
• Precise Alloy Chassis
• Adjustable sights
• Automatic Safety
• Bolt retainer
• 3 free bolts

• Crossbow Body
• Fibreglass prod (80lb)
• String
• 2x Nock Ends
• Allen Key
• Pressure Pad
• 3x Alloy Bolts

  1. great fun Review by David

    Great fun, accurate, easy to use. Highly recommended. (Posted on 29/08/2014)

  2. Armex Tomcat review Review by Steve

    My new tomcat arrived today and I have to say it is surprisingly powerful. The machining is certainly not perfect and the nuts holding the sights kept on falling off. That said, the Tomcat packs one hell of a punch for its size. Getting the string on the bow was tricky on my own but not impossible. The Tomcat is easy to use, light to hold and is pretty accurate. The Tomcat offers lots of fun and at a very reasonable price. (Posted on 23/08/2014)

  3. Great 'little' crossbow Review by Adrian

    Delivered in good time, as usual from Merlin. I'm a recurve archer, but thought I'd try crossbow as a side-hobby. Club won't allow crossbows, so bought this as a compromise to use in the garden. It's not as small as you may think - the prod is over 43cm across when strung (and you'll need your 3 shredded-wheat to get it strung, believe me) and the pistol is over half a metre front to back. Build is fantastic - body is all metal, cocking action is smooth, although the 'runners' under the rail will get marked quite quickly. This doesn't affect the bow in any other way.

    I'm only shooting at around 25ft, but accuracy is very good - I'm mostly on target on a two-inch gold. No experience at longer range, but note this is absolutely NOT a toy. It's extremely powerful, and if you're thinking of using it in your garden, don't even entertain the idea of shooting it towards anyone else's property without a 6 foot brick wall behind your target. (Posted on 17/08/2014)

  4. Good Review by Thomas

    Quick delivery, cross bow is very good for price and a lot of fun. Only downside it didn't come with an Allan key... But I have plenty so no worries.:) (Posted on 07/08/2014)

  5. 80lb pistol Review by Jan

    Ordered on a Wednesday afternoon and it arrived early Saturday morning so cant fault delivery, plus Merlin kept me up dated all the way. As for the pistol itself it is a great item. I brought this as I had an amputation last year so sold my recurve bow cause I found it hard to string. The balance of this pistol is excellent, its light and robust, but does not feel cheep and nasty. I have only fired it in my long garage around 26ft and it is easy to zero and use. My partner has used it and found it nice and easy to use also I would recommend this to anyone that wants a good entry level pistol bow. Will be buying a few more. (Posted on 01/02/2014)

  6. Good little crossbow Review by steve

    Just received this today . Is my first crossbow thought I'd start out small ! Been in the garden for hours even though it is freezing . Really surprised with its power . For its size it's pretty lethal . Will go straight through a bake bean can through some foam and other packing and in bed itself into ply . Pretty impressed can see my self having hours of fun with this . Can't do my archery in my back garden so this is perfect . The cheap plastic bolts u can buy are pretty tough although the tips come off if in bedded into wood but u can push the bolt back into the tip whilst still in bedded and use some grips to gently prize them out . I use a thin bit of rubber to avoid damaging the tips to much . In all great product feels quality . Pretty accurate probably even better with a dot sight . Well worth the small price tag . 100% not for children . (Posted on 30/01/2014)

  7. FPS?? Review by mark

    All sellers of this p/xbow rate the power at 165fps....yet I have three of these 80lb tomcats and ive shot all of them through my chronygraph and they are 210/215fps.....they normally vastly over rate the power of their full xbows yet here they have vastly underpowered these. (Posted on 17/07/2013)

  8. superb Review by Carl

    Looks like we got the wood effect stock which in my opinion is the better looking Crossbow ..fantastic build quality and goes through a door at 20 meters ..just the right weight for the wife and easy to cock ..a proper bargain and will provide hours of fun ..will buy from Merlin Archery again when it comes to getting a rifle Crossbow later on. (Posted on 25/01/2013)

  9. Tomcat pistol crossbow 80lb Review by Nath

    Excellent value for money . Verry solid and punches a lot of power. In a nut shell ( buy it) great fun for in the back garden. (Posted on 21/04/2012)

  10. Armex Tomcat Pistol Crossbow Review by Mugger

    This is a good quality item the only thing is when it was unpacked the bow was a Cobra it must be of the same spec but whats in a name and had 3bolts not 2 as add says bargin.As far as order to delivery is concerned i have not come across any company better on the net than Merlin first class company. Placed order on the wednesday at aprox 6.60 pm with me on friday by 1.30 pm same week ie 2 days to deliver now thats what i call service. (Posted on 20/04/2012)

  11. Excellent for price Review by DJ

    A very powerful crossbow considering its size. It is most definitely not a toy. Parts are broadly speaking well put together. Machining has obviously not got the tight tolerances of the more expensive crossbow but come on, its £25, a true bargain. Tested it on Tony Blair's autobiography (Hardback) and went a good 60 pages in. I sacrificed a bolt to puncture a o.3mm thick stainless steel sheet. Goes through tin cans like butter. (Do not advise hitting steel or concrete though as holts will bend). (Posted on 19/04/2012)

  12. Great Product Review by EDWARD

    Got to agree with Bowman John, great quality for a crazy price. It took 10 mins max from opening the box to letting the first bolt free. Good service from Merlin Archery well packaged and kept me well informed throughout. (Posted on 18/04/2012)

  13. Best Review by Bowman John

    This is the BEST pistol Crossbow on market that you can buy cheap and commercially, the others break quickly and are toys
    (Posted on 27/03/2012)

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