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Range Accessories

Range Accessories


chairs-and-stools line-tents measurements metal-detectors

Often unrecognised, but dearly loved, the work parties that set up the field so we can have fun are our heroes. From all at Merlin, thank you!

Chairs & Stools

Serious archers don't just go out for 90 minutes like some sports. We are out there all day! We don't sit down because we're tired. We sit down because we need to concentrate.

Line Tents

With our unpredictable weather these little shelters are a home from home.


I've shot a few tournaments where I thought the course layer left the tape measure behind.  Don't forget yours. You can't get a good set of sight marks without one.

Metal Detectors

I'm still amazed how an arrow can completely disappear into the ground. Why don't they just stick up and stay easy to find? I don't know the answer to that. But we do sell metal detectors.