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Take Down Recurve Bow - 66"

Please Note: The majority of bows supplied will be the SF Optimo Plus, however due to high demand the brand may vary depending on availability. If you have any specific requirements please feel free to contact us before purchasing.

A super quality wooden handled take down bow for beginners. Far superior to the solid glassfibre or plastic bows but still offering exceptional value for money. This is a highly recommended bow for adult beginners and now even better value!

Strings, arrow rests, nocking points and bow stringer included free of charge.

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superb bow!
(Posted on 29/07/2014)
Just arrived on the dot! Super fast delivery. Package was well presented and the bow is extremely easy to set up alough the nocking point setting are fiddley and takes a bit of a while to set correctly. Overall a great bow, great grip and lovely finish to the wood. Cracking limbs too. But may just be me but one of my limb fasteners wouldnt thred deep enough so had to re-tap the thread and the issue was resolved. 10/10!
Review by luke
Really good starter bow!
(Posted on 24/05/2014)
The bow and limbs are well made and look good, and is great for the low price. Be aware that the limbs may be of a different company make, but are the exact same save for a sticker. Would recommend to anyone!
Review by Luke
very good for price
(Posted on 28/10/2013)
Very good bow, strong heavy feel, much better than my previous bows.
I am 14 and have been shooting for 3 years and I can honestly say this is the best bow I have owned. I bought this in the 32lb version and that is fine, I am 5 foot 8 and moderately strong, so most people of a similar age may need a smaller/lighter version.
I actually received a Raven Innu bow (exact same, but different brand) but it is the same In all way minus a logo
Review by Matt
Surprisingly good.
(Posted on 03/09/2013)
I wasn't expecting much for the price, but was pleasantly surprised. No problems so far and have been using it for nearly a year.
Review by Christiana
(Posted on 19/02/2013)
I'm so happy with this bow, after I got it I spent about 2 hours running around my house with the riser acting like a loon. Then when I finally shot it I almost wept at how in love I am with this beast of a bow.
I would definitely recommend.
Review by Martin M
A Really Nice Bow!
(Posted on 30/07/2012)
Okay, to start i have to say i did not receive a "Samick Polaris" bow and i got some "Lyons" limbs and "SF Archery" Riser at the same weight and height as this bow. However i'm not complaining about this and merely stating this because they seem to be almost identical bow apart from the label. So to the bow. It feels brilliant to be as a beginner and is all i could really ask for. (P.s if your are wondering about poundage like i was, not sure if it helps but i'm fourteen and have the bow at 28# and find it fine to pull back)
Review by Elliott
Great bow
(Posted on 31/05/2012)
This a great bow to start off with, really enjoyed using this bow.
Review by Anna
great starter
(Posted on 22/04/2012)
great starter bow, light but sturdy. Ideal for your first bow at a price that doesn't break the bank.
Limbs are cheap so affordable as increasing your draw weight.
Review by mike

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