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Straw Boss - 128 x 9cm - Competition Grade

Straw Boss - 128 x 9cm - Competition Grade
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Round Coiled Straw Target

128 x 9cm
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(Posted on 25/09/2014)
All you'll ever need season in and season out and then when middles blown just shoot indoor and targets to side easy peasy and 35 quid postage is a bargain highly reccomend
Review by Ian
£35 to deliver
(Posted on 24/06/2014)
Recently attempted to purchase the boss, only for the site's online auto-calculation thing for the delivery price to continuously fail and impede my purchase.

After a phone call, Merlin said that the site couldn't calculate a delivery fee because of the boss' size. They wanted £35 to deliver, which is pretty ridiculous as it easily makes it more expensive than some other bosses out there.... dissappointing.
Review by Zac
This is a very hard boss
(Posted on 11/12/2013)
After shooting out my first foam boss in a little over six months I didn't want another so after much research I reasoned that a 128cm round straw boss would be most cost effective. I can rotate the boss and since I rarely shoot ant anything at the centre it should take a long while to wear out.

I shoot traditionally with a 50# English longbow and 5/16 wooden arrows up to 20-25yards at home.

I've shot at straw bosses before (new and old) but this didn't prepare me for shooting this boss it was rock hard and it pulled off every single pile from my arrows. Fortunately I have a bearpaw pile puller (screw in) but I was certainly spending a lot more time recovering arrows than shooting them. Didn't stop there either the wooden shafts would snap behind the pile and the shafts would just split or shatter. Arrows that on the rare occasion did survive being shot into the target and pulled where covered in sticky straw.

I enquired of Merlin and they confirmed that this was a very hard boss and would soften once it was shot in and suggested some "arrow lube" and that the impact of the arrow on the boss was probably melting the hot-glue I used to secure them and to use a epoxy instead. These solved the problems of pulling arrows, sticky straw and not loosing the piles but I still fractured far to many arrow shafts in order to shoot it in.

In the end I resolved to soften the boss using some cheap aluminium arrows and reflected them with feathers which seem to be able to take the punishment better than my wooden arrows. Merlin very kindly offered to send me some new arrow shafts to replace my lost ones.

I've invested in a Gorrilla arrow puller as its a huge improvement over the square one I was using. Much easier to put all your strength pulling straight out which reduces shaft breakages.

If your shooting aluminium, carbon or hybrid arrows I would suggest you might want to invest in some arrow lube and a decent arrow puller. There is not comparison when I shoot my 35# Horsebow at this target, yes the arrows still require some welly to get out but they don't dig in half as far.

I'm giving this boss only 2 stars because I did not expect to have to shoot it in or that it would damage so many arrows. However for non-traditional shafts and lower poundage bows I expect shooting in would have been that much easier.

I would have given the boss 3-4 stars had I known what I know now
Review by Ozymandias

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