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SF Premium Recurve Limbs

SF Premium Recurve Limbs

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SF Premium' limbs are made from the finest maple and the most precise glass laminates. Supremely consistent and accurate.
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Great starter limb set
(Posted on 09/04/2015)
Upgraded to a Hoyt Horizon and wanted something in the meantime to practice with before dropping cash on some 40lb Hoyt limbs, these have been brilliant, strong, reliable and very quiet aside from the odd creak but they're £50, not expecting carbon level silence for that! Very nice buy. One slight, and this is slight/petty annoyance, the writing reads "Challenge", "Confiance", "Concentration", what on Earth is Confiance lol?!
Review by Matt
Nice limbs for the price
(Posted on 04/12/2014)
I have been using these limbs to move up in weight, as the are nice and stable and a great price.

I am now close to my target final weight, and will be moving on to carbon, but as a beginner/intermediate moving though limb weights, these limbs served me very well.
Review by Alan
Very nice
(Posted on 05/06/2014)
These are very good limbs. Fast and consistent.
I bought these as my first set. Shot some good score with these.
Review by Rudi
Great product for a great price!
(Posted on 27/03/2014)
As I beginner I was looking to upgrade from wooden limbs without going all out. These limbs shoot well and I am very pleased with them.
Review by Andrew

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