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SF Premium Aluminium Magnetic Bow Stand

SF Premium Aluminium Magnetic Bow Stand
Product Code:706204
In Store Price:£12.56

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This is a very light weight yet very sturdy Aluminium bow stand from SF.

Please note colour may vary!
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Good after 1st week of use
(Posted on 20/09/2016)
Good stand, does the trick :)
Review by Max
Not bad at all.
(Posted on 11/12/2014)
Cheap functional item. As suggested a bit of tape to stop the string holder from sliding helps. Magnets click in nicely when set up but doesn't have magnets when in the 'packed' state. Other than those really minor niggles, it's a dead handy bit of kit.
Review by Rob
cheap and light, but string holder slips down
(Posted on 22/11/2014)
A perfectly adequate bow stand. The little rubber string holder that helps keep the bow in place tended to slip down the shaft, so I added a little tape and now it works fine. Can be used with or without a spike to drive it into the ground.
Review by Matthew
Great liile bow stand.
(Posted on 23/07/2014)
Does what it supposed to do(keep my precious bow off the floor). Compact and sturdy, attaches easily to my rucksack type bow bag(along the length of the arrow tube).
And once the sting holder on the vertical shaft of the stand(which is adjustable) is in place, the bow stays steady and level.
P.s. It does come with a ground spike for use outdoors, should you feel the need to use it.
Review by Grant
Superb value!
(Posted on 05/04/2014)
Does exactly what was expected and at great value! What could be better?
Review by Andy
Great value
(Posted on 28/08/2013)
Very good bowstand and looks great in gold as well.
Review by kevin
Does the job
(Posted on 04/07/2013)
Cheap, reliably and does what it's designed to do. Why pay more?
Review by TG
Bow Stand
(Posted on 29/12/2012)
Great lightweight bow stand ideal for recurve bow. Legs pull out and slot in to make it really compact for carrying around/storing. Great buy at a great low price.
Review by Kirsty

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