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SF Carbon Sight

SF Carbon Sight
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Sebastien Flute has filled a gap in the market for a well made competition sight at a great price.

Light weight carbon extension and click adjustment.
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Fault Fixed
(Posted on 25/06/2012)
My husband bought this because he likes mine. I've had the grub screw problem but the new model now has a larger size srew holding the sight pin this should be a bit more robust. If this has solved the problem it will be an ace sight for the money.
Review by Sue Brand
Good product for price.
(Posted on 15/06/2012)
As with all sights, I have used loctite & PTFE tape to secure screws. Had no problems with movement. or loose screws in first few days of use. Have even tried it on my old compound bow and no problems. Although anodised metal is tough carbon arm is very easily scuffed.
Review by steve
Good value for money
(Posted on 12/03/2012)
This sight is all you need for an intermediate archer, it has plenty of great features allowing you to pin point your accuracy with ease. The down side with the sight is defiantly the build quality. I've had mine over 18 months now and everything moves slightly, the main issue is the grub screw at the front. I've replaced mine at least 5 times and know many other archers with the same problem. Its a small issue but sure is annoying if you don't have a spare. Overall this sight is great value for money but if your moving into the serious/semi professional band I recommend spending more money.
Review by Alex

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SF Carbon Sight - Blue - Right Handed
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SF Carbon Sight - Blue - Right Handed

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