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SF B92 Tarpaulin Backpack - Black

SF B92 Tarpaulin Backpack - Black

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B92 TARPAULIN is the ultimate in easy transport and organizes all of your gear and accessories. It is specially used in multi purpose with Tarpaulin, which is waterproof fabric without any cover.

DIMENSIONS : 33 x 76 x 13.3 cm
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Brilliant bag - excellent value
(Posted on 05/07/2014)
I love this bag! Firstly it is solid - thick skinned and padded where needed, you really believe your kit is safe and sound. Secondly it is waterproof - with a slick exterior even the heaviest of showers is not going to penetrate it. Thirdly it has pockets for everything - exterior, interior and even a seperate accessories bag for all those annoying bits and bobs that usually rattle around in the corners before getting lost. Don't forget the telescopic arrow tube that can be securely fastened to the outside or the riser/limb bag found inside to keep your bow safe from bumps or scratches. Really versatile as well - you can carry the bag like a sports holdall or unzip the rear to produce backpack shoulder harnesses making long walks from the car to the shooting line like a stroll in the park. Lastly at £45 you are getting a lot of bag for your money. Can't go wrong!
Review by James
A great big, with just one problem
(Posted on 10/03/2013)
This is a nearly perfect bag. It has plenty of room for all of your equipment and with the included arrow tube and kit organizer, everything has it's place. There are plenty of pockets and storage sections. The kit organizer is especially good, with little pockets and sections for your sight, v-bars and all your tools. There is just one problem and that is that the arrow tube can slip off unless it's properly secured. I got around this problem by threading the buckle up strap through the separate strap on the arrow tube. apart from that one problem, i would highly recommend this bag, especially for people with lots of equipment.
Review by Ross

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