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Buck Trail Blackhawk - 68"

Buck Trail Blackhawk - 68"
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This traditional American Flatbow from Raven Archery makes an ideal field, barebow or recreational bow.

The bow is constructed from multiple wooden laminations and is finished off with clear glass limbs for a superb traditional look

This bow is designed be shot off the shelf with a "hair" or leather pad for extreme reliability.

This bow is available in both left and right hand and in a large range of draw weights.
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Good bow to start traditional archery
(Posted on 22/05/2017)
I´m new to archery and decided to go traditional. Bought this bow @35#. It´s great for me, I like it. There is some handshock, but not too much.
Review by Perttu
A fantastic bit of kit for the money.
(Posted on 23/04/2017)
Two months after taking up archery I thought I should get myself a decent bow. I didn't want to spend too much in case my archery turned out to be a 'passing fad'. I've now had the bow for three months and still think that it's a great bow!
I had read the reviews and thought this a good beginner's bow but as I get more experienced (and a little more accurate), it still does me proud. I have tried more expensive bows but still think the Blackhawk compares well.
I do honestly think that if this had have been European made it would be at least twice the price. A fantastic bit of kit for the money.
Review by Kes
Still Amazing
(Posted on 09/04/2017)
Almost a year of shooting and the bow is still a steady and accurate piece of tackle... I've put it through a fair amount of stress, shooting all through the seasons, leaving it strung in the burning sun and freezing cold for hours (not a recommendation) and the bow hasn't lost any speed or gained any creaks... Braced at exactly 7.5" with either beaver puffs or woolly bobbles it's as quiet as a very dead mouse... Only a minimum amount of vibration that I wouldn't classify as shock can be felt... I gave the handle a leather cord grip to improve friction against the palm as the low pistol form can get a little slick if it's a sweaty day... I loved this bow out the box and I love it still... I may at some point get in a Vulture as I'd like to try the same form just with the bamboo limbs but as steady and reliable as the Blackhawk is there's probably little point... Awsome Bow...
Review by Jenerik Original
Top class buget flatbow....
(Posted on 08/01/2017)
I wanted to begin instinctive archery, moving away from my Olympic Recurve with all it's sights and stabilizers. Our club is just a few members and my friend has stuck rigidly to his desire to be purely instinctive.....I wanted to give him a little competition without breaking the bank. I bought the Blackhawk after much deliberation and research.
First off it is quite a lovely object, well made, and once I got used to it, relatively comfortable to hold. After quite a few shoots and the string settled in, I have grown to really love shooting it. It's accurate (when my form is good and I concentrate). There was quite a lot of hand shock at first, but adjusting the brace height the bow settled in nicely.
Overall I am very pleased with it, highly recommended (for the money!) and the cedar arrows (bought elsewhere...) make a fine combination. My only regret? I bought the 30lbs draw, when I knew I should have got the 35lbs......but a weaker bow makes your errors in your form show up significantly....I can shoot all day with the 30lbs and can reach 30 and 40m with accuracy, so not bad at all.
Buy one today and you won't regret it!
Review by 'H'
You won't regret buying this bow
(Posted on 06/11/2016)
I've had this bow for over a year now and bought it to have a try at instinctive archery and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I changed the string to a flemish twist and added a couple of 'Beaver Balls" and it shoots super smooth. I'm shooting a 35lb bow at 32" draw. I have both Timber stick arrows and Bearpaw slimline and it shoot great. If you want to try Instinctive Archery and don't want to payout a lot of money you will not go wrong with this bow..
Review by Chris
Love this bow!
(Posted on 24/08/2016)
After 4 weeks with the Blackhawk-my re-curve is redundant!This bow is well made, perfectly balanced, and a total joy to shoot!Cant recommend highly enough.Suffice to say, today been to Merlin and we have ordered one for my wife.If you want to get into traditional archery, you wont find a nicer, smoother shooting bow for the price!
Review by Steve
I'm havin a great time...
(Posted on 07/07/2016)
For the cost this bow is fantastic... I haven't any previous experience with a Flatbow having been lucky enough to learn as a teen with a custom longbow (a traditional Yew selfbow) That lasted me a decade before finally retiring itself in a most ballistic and heart breaking fashion. Not having the funds to replace my longbow with anything approaching her quality I thought I'd try a low cost flatbow and have to say after first shoot the blackhawk is a lot of fun and very consistent.
I picked a 40lb model and find her to be smooth and accurate with the basic timber creek wooden arrows I bought to go with... my arrows being far too heavy as my old longbow was 55lb at 27" and stacked to just shy of 70lb at 30" So although a wonderous bow she was a pain in the neck to spend too much time with...
As a first experience of a flatbow I couldn't be happier with the Blackhawk, she"s putting them where i want em and doesn't leave my feeling slightly broken after a good 3 Hours solid shoot...
Makes me wanna play with some different styles now though. Maybe try a traditional recurve next...
Merlin delivered me a little bundle of joy and did it in good time with what felt like a smile through the internet...
Review by "Jenerik Original"
Pleasant shooting bow, excellent value for money
(Posted on 08/04/2016)
Here’s my review of the Black Hawk in 35lb. I’ve many years experience of recurve archery, but have only recently started dabbling in AFB. In this review, I compare the BH with my Samick Hunter 69 SLBII, which is also 35lb. First of all, Merlin packed the bow very well and delivery was very quick. Brilliant.
The Dacron string is cleanly served and has good tight loops.

While shooting (Chris Boyton pine arrows, 45-50 medieval fletched) I was struck by the large difference in feel between what are two very similar looking bows. The BH has a smoother draw, cast and less hand shock. It is more pleasant to shoot. The Samick stacks a bit quicker but the arrows leave the bow with a tiny bit more zip compared to the BH (I have not chronographed them, so this is just a feeling). Both bows are good, but I found the BH more pleasant to shoot because it had less stack and hand shock. I couldn’t tell any difference in accuracy between them however.

Why do they feel different? Is the answer in the technical differences between them? So, here goes. Unstrung, both bows share a similar looking gentle reflex to the tips. Mass excluding strings: BH 506g, Samick 642g. The BH measured 68” nock to nock. Despite the Samick being marked 69, it is the shorter bow by ~1/4” measured nock to nock. The arrow shelf of the BH is closer to centre in 2 axes: (1) across the belly (BH is cut to centre, but the Samick is only in about 1/3), and (2) tip to tip (BH shelf is closer to the half way mark between nocks by ~1”). This means that the top and bottom limbs of the Samick have a greater difference in their lengths compared to the BH. From root to mid limb, the BH limb width is ~1/8” narrower than the Samick’s - measured across the back. At the tips both bows’ limbs are about the same width. BH’s limb thickness is about 1mm fatter than the Samick’s. The finish quality of the Samick is better than the Blackhawk, but both bows look smart, the black of the BH slightly more appealing than the brown Samick. The Samick handle has a thinner throat, and fatter palm rest. The BH handle is less curvy. On the BH, the words “Black Hawk” with a logo are printed in white on the belly of the top limb above the window, which I expect some judges may take issue with.

I think from all this it’s fairly easy to see why the BH has less hand shock than the Samick - it looks like a combination of less mass, more even length of limbs, and closeness to centre that accounts for it. Great bow for the money, highly recommended. Now I want a 40lb one!
Review by Singh
Great bow!
(Posted on 23/12/2015)
Great Bow! For the price as well. Very smooth, accurate and forgiving. a brilliant bow for anyone. Would defiantly recommend to anyone. thanks merlin!
Review by Robin
Bucktrail Black Hawk
(Posted on 20/09/2015)
Called in to the Loughborough branch. Bought a flat bow. Bow is fantastic, very pleased with puchase. The staff at Merlins were very knowledgeable and very helpful. They certainly knew their products. I would highly recommend Merlins and their shop is definitely worth a visit. Does tend to get very busy throughout the day so worth arriving early in the day. Even though Merlins is an hour and a half away, would definitely travel down again for bits and bobs.
Review by Lindy Mac
Yep I got the 50lb one as well
(Posted on 17/05/2015)
So after shooting the 30 lb version for a couple of months, I stepped up to the 50 lb model now that my injury is better. It's just as good in all respects as mentioned in the 30lb review I gave. My wife has now inherited the 30lb Black hawk and loves it too. We look a bit sad shooting matching bows, but at least we're not wearing matching shell suits!
Out of the 5 bows we own these are the best and cheapest by far.
Review by Stephen
Unbeatable Value
(Posted on 28/02/2015)
Purchased this as my first bow 3 months ago after seeing Jims review. What a great piece of kit at a fantastic price. I couldn't have chosen a better bow at 30Lbs and find it hard not to smile every time I use it. With wooden arrows it is good for me to 45 yards 50 at a push (28 draw length). So you can probably guess what I will be buying next, yes another at 35Lbs to tackle those targets further down range. The service from Merlin was excellent, I will certainly be back for my next bow.
Review by Steve T
Must have
(Posted on 17/02/2015)
I got this in 30lbs draw weight as I'm getting over a collar bone injury due to an RTA. This is the cheapest bow I own by far, and the lowest poundage. It has brought my archery on leaps and bounds - considering I haven't shot in over 4 months! My draw length remains unchanged and with the correctly matched arrows it's fantastic to shot in all regards; smooth, predictable (the same POA = the same fall of shot time and again), comfortable for bow and string hand - at 68" it feels wonderful compared to a 60" field recurve with its 'finger pinch'. In all probability once back to full strength I will be getting this in the 50 lbs version.
I would also give Merlin Archery 5* for consistently proving to be the best and most reliable archery supplier I have used in the last two years.
Review by Stevie
(Posted on 01/02/2015)
I have been shooting this AFB since august 2014. I chose 30lbs and, despite this being on the lower side of draw weights, was extremely impressed with its power and cast. Unfortunately I have not yet tested it with a chronograph and cannot, therefore, testify as to its speed. Appearance-wise, this bow is absolutely stunning! The lamination is very high quality (as is the finish) and - as one of my shooting buddies said - is both striking and beautiful. Overall, I absolutely love this bow and could not bring myself to give it less than five stars, especially considering its price! This is a VERY worthwhile investment.
Review by Nicholas
Great looks and value for money
(Posted on 08/01/2015)
An excellent bow at the price: I can't really say any more than the others on here, it looks great and shoots better!

I went for a 35# weight based on my 32# recurve bow, in retrospect I could have gone heavier but this one shoots really comfortably so I'm very happy.
Review by Sam
One of the best longbow's I hvae used
(Posted on 06/01/2015)
I have found this bow to be of very high standard.Very little hand shock and handles well.
I havr recommended the bow to 4 poeple and they have all purchased one and are very happy with it.
Can I use a fastflight string with it?
Loxley Archers
Review by Peter
(Posted on 21/12/2014)
Hand shock! What hand shock? There is none!
My friends old Border flat bow has terrible hand shock but not these! Ok it does not look as nice but those arrows keep going where I am looking which in it's own right is a miracle for me!
The string that came with mine keeps stretching so far and is to long really.
Twisted too much to dial out my arrows kicking off the bow but only now have 61/4" brace height!
Mine is#50 and does not stack.
For the money this bow will make you laugh!

Review by Nathan
Good bow for the money, very happy!
(Posted on 08/12/2014)
The other reviews have said it all really. If your thinking about dipping your toes into the traditional waters then you can't go wrong getting this bow. Excellent value.
Review by Rob
Great bow
(Posted on 29/10/2014)
I wanted to have a go at instinctive archery with a flat bow and thought this would be a good place to start after seeing the Merlin review.
This is a great bow to shoot and has a good feel to it, it's exactly what I was looking for and have been enjoying putting some arrows into my new "Rotten Robbie".
I also met Grizzly Jim at the store who reviewed the bow and had great service from Dan who was a big help.
Overall very happy with the bow and with the service received at Merlin.
Review by Andrew
(Posted on 16/09/2014)
My friend recently lent me a right handed 50lb Black hawk, as a left handed archer I didn't find it too difficult to use this bow left handed. I just leant the bow right a little. This bow definitely shoots better with the a faux fur patch on the shelf. It was easy to string with a stringer, I felt worried it would break at the handle stringing it by other methods. There was some handshock that I understand goes hand in hand with flat bows, however after putting on some old rowing gloves the handshock felt greatly reduced and felt much comfier to shoot.
Hope this is helpful!
Review by Noah
This Bow is Fantastic
(Posted on 16/09/2014)
My friend recently lent me a right handed 50lb Black hawk, as a left handed archer I didn't find it too difficult to use this bow left handed. I just leant the bow right a little. This bow definitely shoots better with the a faux fur patch on the shelf. It was easy to string with a stringer, I felt worried it would break at the handle stringing it by other methods. There was some handshock that I understand goes hand in hand with flat bows, however after putting on some old rowing gloves the handshock felt greatly reduced and felt much comfier to shoot.
Hope this is helpful!
Review by Noah
Great bow!
(Posted on 09/09/2014)
I have had Samick AFBs before , which were ok, This is an easy bow to use. Once I sorted out my anchor point , It is very accurate, I shot it at the 2 day Avalon NFAS comp & came 3rd, I got my best every score.
I am going to try it with a fast flight string soon & see if it gets even better.

Review by Mark
my first bow
(Posted on 24/08/2014)
got this bow after reading all the reviews and watching grizzly Jim's review on YouTube. I have to say I'm very happy with this great value for money bow
Review by Steve
great value bow
(Posted on 03/06/2014)
got the 45lb version 4 weeks ago as my first flatbow.shoot with the standard spruce arrow no2 also from merlin.fitted a bear archery shelf rest and plate,shoots smoothly and looks great.a very light bow with a small amount of hand shock but nothing excessive.struggle at 60 yards with the wood arrows,going to try 500 spine carbons and see if that helps the distance this easy to shoot bow.stock up on timbersticks merlin,i need some 500 spines.
Review by stephen
Great value for the quality
(Posted on 12/04/2014)
Had this bow for 2 weeks. Great quality, great performance, great looks (at least to me, I can't get enough of it).
Excellent bow for the price.
Review by Ernestas
Lovely bow
(Posted on 04/03/2014)
I bought this bow, (40lb), after trying it out at Merlin Archerys' shop in Loughborough. It had some great reviews and it didn't disappoint when I used it. I's very light, powerful and accurate, and very reasonably priced. only downside is the hand shock, which is expected with a flat bow and you hardly notice it after a few shoots.
Review by Freddy
(Posted on 27/02/2014)
I have had this bow for a few years now, it was the first bow I ever got and dare I say it, it could be the last.
It shoots very smooth and eased me into archery with little complications, I would recommend this bow to an archer of any experience level, simply an excellent bow that I cant live without now! you cant go wrong with this bow!
Review by Ben
Great bow
(Posted on 25/02/2014)
Very light, very smooth, perfect bow for a beginner.
Review by Susan
Worth your money!
(Posted on 27/12/2013)
Firstly, i must thank Merlin Archery for such smooth transaction and speedy delivery even to overseas country which is Asia in my case. It but took 2, yes TWO days for the bow to arrive my country, unbelievable shipping speed! The bow is smooth, even at 40#. Once shot, you will just keep shooting because it is so much fun! The bow itself is quiet even without any silencer, not to mention that the release is so smooth. Overall, i would recommend to anyone who is interested in the traditional archery, beginner or expert! 5 stars!
Review by Stan P
Love this bow
(Posted on 07/11/2013)
I shoot mostly in semi-desert regions of South Africa (Karoo) with an almost indestructible Grozer horseback bow. I wanted something with a better cast, no stack and water resistance for woodland areas.

My first choice was a Fred Bear but funds being a bit tight, I took a chance on the Black Hawk. A bit of a disappointment when I opened the packaging to find a little 'Made in China' sticker. But this bow is one of the best I've ever shot. Zero stack. Zero handshock. Super smooth. 'Heritage' carbon fiber shafts spined for 55lb exit cleanly with negligible fish tailing. Superglue a little aluminium nock collar (intended for compound) behind the point and they're tough as nails.

Build quality is probably not quite as good as a Fred Bear but certainly better than a PSE Montana. I prefer narrow handles - any bigger and I wouldn't like it, so no leather wrapping. I shoot with a leather glove anyway (desert can go from baking to sub zero to flash flooding - a glove makes sense).

The limb tips are a bit overbuilt but I don't mind - they can take a bit of knock in the field and be touched up if need be. I originally wanted 60lb draw weight to drive 1800 grain fishing arrows but haven't been disappointed with the 50lb. Bent a steel fishing tip last weekend shooting off a bridge. Haven't chrono'd it yet but drives a very useable arrow.

Time will tell if the laminations hold up to our humidity extremes. So far so good but won't torture it with full desert sun for prolonged periods. Obviously more care required than the solid fibreglass and leather Grozer. Bought a fishing rod tube for when there's a danger of it being thrown around (back of truck, canoe, etc).

Understand that when we're out in the middle of nowhere, our bows are as much working tools for food and protection as for enjoyment, nobody to show off to. So far she hasn't let me down and is downright lovely to shoot.

Review by Ian
Proper job
(Posted on 21/10/2013)
If you want to get into traditional archery on a budget then this is the bow for you. It's price really doesn't do the bow justice. You get a lot of bow for the money. I've bought 3 for my family to use and we all love them. A friend has also bought one with others looking to buy one soon. It will put a smile on your face for sure. Of course getting the right arrows makes a big difference to accuracy. So use the money you saved on the bow on some decent arrows.
Review by Paul
Fantastic balance
(Posted on 28/08/2013)
Being a new archer only having shot for the best part of a year I decided to get a Buck Trail Blackhawk for my girlfriend. Only negative I can say about it is that now I can not go shoot alone anymore as she is more eager than me to go pull the bow - and I will need to get me another Buck Trail so we both can shoot it.
It has a fantastic smooth pull and release that just feels very balanced.
And the service from Merlin Archery has been super and even with delivery to Denmark the price is still alot cheaper than anything I could find locally in Denmark.
Review by JesperKP
buy it!
(Posted on 28/05/2013)
this longbow is a fantastic price for what you get, looks awesome, because of the fibreglass it will never break under normal use and it shoots fast (not as fast as a recurve of the same power but the draw is much smoother and you have a bit more leverage because of the length of the bow) i got the 50 pound draw and im already after a days shooting better with it then i was the recurve i have been shooting for ages. the string is also very nice, its a grey and black flemish twist string that comes with it. just remember to get a leather arrow rest and some wood arrows with the propper spine when you buy it because delivery cost is a lot for any one piece bow.
Review by Andrew
Beautiful Piece Of Kit
(Posted on 09/04/2013)
I can't believe how smooth this is to shoot. I got it in roughly the same draw weight as my recurve and despite the lack of sights (or anything else, for that matter) it's very nearly as accurate. Archery at its simplest, and possibly best.
Review by Dan
Very nice bow
(Posted on 04/12/2012)
Extremely pleased with my very first bow. Whilst I am a beginner and know nothing, since having this bow I have tried out others costing up to 8 times as much. They where nice, but I was glad to go back to my Black Hawk. Pro AFB instructor has told me this bow will suffice until I reach the advanced level.
For what it's worth from the newbie archer, recommended!
Review by Dick
Very good bow
(Posted on 03/06/2012)
This is my first flatbow. I chose 40lbs and I have been really impressed with the cast, power, look and distinct lack of hand shock. I'm looking to field shoot and found this to be incredibly light. I would thoroughly recommend this bow.
Review by Silver.Birch303

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Buck Trail Blackhawk - 68" - Right Handed - 45#

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Buck Trail Blackhawk - 68" - Left Handed - 45#

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Buck Trail Blackhawk - 68" - Left Handed - 50#

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