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PRO Recurve Bow String - Fast Flight

PRO Recurve Bow String - Fast Flight
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The PRO Series are the next step in bowstring performance. No over servings, a distinctive feature of high quality strings, is standard on the Pro series strings.

Filament materials : FF+ (HMPE)

Serving Materials loops and center : Poli-braided material. (Colour may vary)

Comes in clear plastic tubes for better protection and conservation.

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Good, but not great
(Posted on 27/07/2015)
Good string but at the end of the day it is Fastflight, there are better materials out for strings for only a little bit more cost. My only gripe with this string is I feel the servings have been wound a little too tight so it's a little tricky to get the top loop over the limb but it seems to be softening up a little through regular use.
Review by Stephen
Excellent string
(Posted on 10/05/2015)
I purchased two of these strings with my original bow and accessories. After shooting them both in, I relegated one to the role of spare string. I have now shot over 10,000 arrows with the "primary" string over the last six months. The string is now getting a bit grubby through use but works as well as it did on the first day it was fitted to the bow. As a beginner, I have never shot any other type of string so I cannot give a comparative review but I fail to see what's not to like.
Review by Faither
(Posted on 10/04/2015)
I purchased a new Fast Flight string for a club event that was coming up. After the first session using this string the serving on one loop has started to unravel. I contacted Merlin support and informed them of this and was asked to forward photographs of the string, which I did. I was told that a new string would be sent to me. Oh joy I would be able to take part in the club event after all. I was then told they were out of stock so there will be no club event for me after all, as it is now too late to order from another supplier.
Review by Ken
Good.. but only for 4 months
(Posted on 02/02/2015)
Bought this string for my new bow as I fancied trying something a bit better than I was used to. It made my bow feel like it was firing much faster, with generally better feeling. However after 4 months of at least every other day shooting, the string has started to unravel (the bit that the arrow is attached to) also there are small threads appearing along the length of the string. Good while it lasted, but I need something that will last a bit longer and this one just doesn't look great any more. It might just be that I didn't look after it correctly, in which case make sure you do look after it
Review by Alex
thanks for the help Merlin
(Posted on 16/09/2014)
Thank you Merlin,This will make her indoors who commands more happy and give me some peace and quiet.Maybe I may be able stop hoovering and washing windows now.
Thanks jimmy
Review by Jimmy
Full of joy for my Fast flight string and then totally disappointed
(Posted on 12/09/2014)
Well Merlin.
I am totally disappointed,I never complained when target came transit damaged or the bow string burst on my new bow after three weeks put it down to manufacturing fault.But I have to say ,got my new fast flight bow string and everything seemed ok ,in fact I was quite impressed.
But after 6 days the serving on one loop has started to unravel and I am really really not happy and I can see it starting on the other loop.Being retired I do not to have money to throw about and I thought I was buying a step in the right direction new bow string.
So merlin I am totally disgusted, I feel like throwing the new bow in the dustbin.and there is nothing sharpe or
rough where the loops go they are very smooth,checked them three times to satisfy my self.

[Dear Jimmy, please get in touch so we can help resolve the problem. Your strings shouldn't be wearing through this quickly Regards, Merlin Archery]
Review by Jimmy
Love my new Fast Flight bow string
(Posted on 04/09/2014)
Fast Flight bow string came today ,could not wait to get it on the bow and I was not disappointed, boy does that string throw an arrow.Another great product from merlin with the usual great service.
Thanks Merlin
Review by Jimmy
(Posted on 25/09/2013)
served me well until i got an angel majesty string
Review by Gael
Good Quality But Too Long
(Posted on 12/06/2013)
I purchased one to use with my 66" Hoyt Horizon with Excel Limbs and bought at '66" Bow Length'. Brand new the brace height was way below manufacturer's recommended 8.5 - 9". It was really quiet though and shot quite well. After about 500 arrows the brace height was just 7" and became very inconsistent. String measured 63" new - I really needed no more than 62" to be anywhere near recommended brace height for the bow. There really needs to be a standard that allows you to choose a string length with one inch increments - when you buy a AMO 66" you could end up with a string somewhere between 62 to 63". It is too wide a gap for Olympic style target shooting. If you are looking for a string for a similar purpose it could be a bit of a gamble.
Despite the above, it was quite a good string and really quiet.
Review by Murray
Fantastic string.
(Posted on 03/02/2013)
Used dacron originally and then switched to this and it made my shots so much more consistent, would highly recommend.
Review by Bradley
(Posted on 17/12/2012)
seems fine to me, only a novice but string seems and feels like quality to me.
Review by Phil
Better shooting experience
(Posted on 30/11/2012)
After switching from the classic bowstring, my shot has been quieter, a lot more consistent and it has great colour, as an added bonus.
Review by Ibrahim
Stringing me softly
(Posted on 02/08/2012)
This is a nice string, a lot better than what is used on the training bows at my club

Very well made. The price is very good too.
Review by Ansar
Good Quality
(Posted on 24/04/2012)
Good quality string at a low price.
Review by Vilesh
great item little stretch
(Posted on 25/03/2012)
great item with little stretch for such a budget price
Review by mike
(Posted on 16/03/2012)
Impressive String. Came with one of string flex Twist savers as a Bonus. Looks very well built but only used it once so far.
Review by Robert

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