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Phantom Recurve Bow Kit

Phantom Recurve Bow Kit
Product Code:718328
In Store Price:£42.00

Despatch Status: Please allow 3-5 working days

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The 'Phantom' is a full sized, 60" recurve bow suitable for teenagers and adults. A light draw weight of approximately 20lbs combined with an ambidextrous riser design makes it the ideal bow to share with the family.

Simple, reliable and fun.

The bow comes ready to shoot, complete with 3 arrows, arm guard and instructions. (Flex Finger guards do not come as standard)

Age Range: 13+
Suitable for Right and Left Handed Archers
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(Posted on 18/03/2016)
AWESOME BOW!And its very powerful so be creful with it.Arrows are very good i was shooting a tree and it didnt break!
Review by Lev
(Posted on 25/02/2015)
Purchased this as I was trying to get into a sport without aggravating my knee Injury. As a beginner I am really happy with the Range, draw weight & price.

The only negative was how easily the arrows broke. but for a bow & 3 Arrows I can't complain. Recommend spending abit more on getting stronger arrows :)
Review by jake
Great Bow for Beginners
(Posted on 31/05/2014)
I brought this bow because I wanted to get into archery, now I am looking into buying another recurve! Great bow and it is quite accurate!
Review by Joshua
excellent beginners bow
(Posted on 11/03/2014)
This is my first bow and it is fantastic, surprisingly very powerful and quite accurate. The only bad point I have to make is how easily the arrows broke so I recommend buying extra arrows and extra nocks for them too.
Overall a cheap, powerful and very good quality beginners bow.
Review by kieron
a fine recurved bow
(Posted on 07/01/2014)
I am very pleased with the Phantom recurve bow kit,a present for my Granddaughter she will be delighted,the service brilliant ordered Friday delivered Tuesday
Review by michael
happy buttttttt
(Posted on 20/12/2013)
I was delighted with my bow but when it came to the arrows i was a little dissapointed. The arrows where very fragile and one broke as soon as i had it set on the string. The armgaurad was missing and i am still waiting for it to come. I have sent an email and i hope it will come soon. Nice bow!
Review by Kyle
surprisingly powerful
(Posted on 01/05/2013)
I bought this bow not expecting too much with my wooden arrows. the string that it comes with seems to be of quite good quality (but what do i know im a newbie to this) and the nocking points are easy to fit (though a bit fiddly).
Launching an arrow clear over a field had me in awe. This bow has made me a very happy man with a new hobby, anyone buying this i recommend watching the video on the phantom recurve kit on this site it is very informative and educational if your just starting archery.
WARNING: you may look awesome firing this.
Review by Glenn

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