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Phantom and Fox Recurve Archery Kit (Bundle)

Phantom and Fox Recurve Archery Kit (Bundle)

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Build your own family pack!

The Phantom and Fox are one piece, recurve bows designed to be simple and fun to use.

The Phantom is a full sized, 60" bow sized for teenagers and adults, while the fox is a scaled down 48" version on the same bow sized for children of around 8 years and up.

They are both light in physical mass weight as well as light in the draw weight. The Phantom draws approximately 20lbs, and the Fox around 15lbs. Both bows are ambidextrous which makes them ideal for sharing with the family.

Each bow comes complete with 3 arrows, arm guard and instructions.

Use the selection boxes to mix and match the items to suit. But please remeber - these are not toys! Adult supervision required at all times.

Watch the bow in action! (Please not that the kit contents varies slightly from the video shown below.)

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Better than I was expecting :)
(Posted on 20/02/2015)
Bought this kit as a cheap way to start archery, mainly in the back garden, and didn't want to spend too much in case I decided it wasn't for me. Have to say it's a lot better than I was expecting for such a cheap bow. It's perfect for the back garden archer.
I also bought a few "extras" along with the kit i.e more arrows, nocks and points, as some of the reviews for the arrows (in the arrow section of the site) suggest that they're not the best, having said that after 3hrs of solid shooting, not had any problems with them so far.
The only thing stopping me giving 5 stars is that I think the foam of the target could do with being a little thicker, as the arrows regularly go through by a few inches (mind you I am shooting at the minimum 6m, so that could be a factor). Also there's a groove at the front of the grip, which can become a little uncomfortable after long use (nothing that a bit of grip tape won't solve I'm sure)
All in all a very good kit, and with really quick delivery (ordered it on Wednesday, and arrived Friday morning). If I can give one bit of advice, that would be make sure you buy extra target faces, as 1 just isn't enough, especially if you become hooked like I have. :)
Review by Richard
Good quality, hours of fun and great service.
(Posted on 06/12/2014)
After a good deal of research, I bought this package for myself and my son. All of the components are of good quality. I made the mistake of ordering extra arrows from amazon. The heads came off 4 out of 6 arrows so I had to order more of the Mybow ones that come with the kit as they are much better.
These bows are excellent for entry level and I would certainly recommend them to others. My family is now hooked on archery and my daughters have both asked for a set of their own. Excellent family hobby, and I can't fault the equiptment.
Review by Tudor
Decent bow, shame about the arrows
(Posted on 21/06/2014)
I bought the Phantom bow kit and five extra arrows for my girlfriend and her teenage daughter to use in the back garden. The bow is ideal for this purpose, about 15lb draw and can be used left or right handed. However the arrows supplied with the kit are terrible. They are cheap Mybo Swift fibreglass arrows with poorly aligned soft plastic flights, and badly-fitting crimped-on tips that tear the foam of the boss when pulled out. The worst part however are the nocks, which are brittle plastic and break very quickly under normal use. Out of eight arrows bought, only one still has a nock; all the others broke after just a few shots. In my opinion this kit would be much better value for money if it cost a few pounds more but was supplied with better quality arrows.
Review by Cliff
(Posted on 30/01/2014)
Came 3 days after ordered but come down with the flu so haven't been able to go test it out yet so looking forward to being better to go out and use it
Review by Joshua
Just the job.
(Posted on 15/10/2013)
My 11 year old wanted to spend his birthday money on a bow, he did the research and decided this kit was the way to go as a value for money way into archery and I got one two! Very usable. At 10m he was hitting the target and starting to group arrows nicely after an hours practice. At 20m it took me a little longer. We had great fun shooting closest to the bull. The target is up to the job but I think I shall go to 30m next time as my arrows consistently went through making pulling them out entirely my job. A distance test sent the arrows 75m with my bow he managed 45m.
Now my girls want one.
I can see this becoming a family thing. Very happy.
Review by Balzini

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