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Negrini Bow Case Recurve - Economy - Black

Negrini Bow Case Recurve - Economy - Black
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Popular design, plastic moulded case. Holds arrows in the lid and has a deep foam block for custom cutting in the bottom.

outside approx: 95cm x 25cm x 10cm
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ok for the price
(Posted on 22/04/2014)
I found that the foam was a bit flimsy especially when the shapes had been cut out, getting a better piece of foam would be good but I also found the case just a little shallow.
A centimeter deeper and denser foam it would be a great case.
Review by George
Good value hard case.
(Posted on 10/10/2013)
After buying my recurve bow, I was undecided whether to get a hard or a soft case but being paranoid I went for this product to be on the safe side. After at least 4 years use it's still doing its job, so nothing wrong with quality. From experience, if you will be doing a lot of travelling with your bow then a hard case is what you want, especially if it has to bounce around in various minibuses or trains. If the only travelling is to and from your archery club inyour car, then a soft case is probably all you need; most of these have adequate padding.

When you get this case home, you need to spend time cutting out the foam to fit your riser and limbs. My recurve is an old Hoyt with a TEC bar, which sticks out towards you, looping from above to below the handle (google Tec Riser) making the riser twice as deep and so makes the fit tighter in the case. But otherwise, there's plenty of space. Cutting is not difficult, just take your time.

For new archers a word of advice. As you progress through your archery career you will accumulate lots of "archery stuff" so don't be afraid to buy bigger than you think you need. Also have a look at the bag accessories section.
Review by John

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