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Mybo Straight Jacket Layered Foam Target

Mybo Straight Jacket Layered Foam Target
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The Straight Jacket target is open faced, layered foam block. Lightweight and portable.

Extremely versatile and can accommodate bullet points, field points, mechanical and fixed broad heads.

Works well with high performance compounds, and works surprisingly well with super light weight children's bows. A really good all-round target.

Approx Size: 60cm x 46cm x 27cm Average Weight: 5.8KG
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Great buy.
(Posted on 24/12/2017)
Brilliant target. Simple layered foam, withstands a 60lb compound bow for years. Light and easy to move. Cheap to replace once it is shot out.
Review by James
Excellent Choice
(Posted on 12/10/2016)
I have been using this target for some time now and it has stood up to around 1000 arrows out of a 55lb compound bow. Well made and very strong target. Highly recommended. Only comment is that the handle isn't as reinforced as I would have liked so is starting to tear the material.
Review by Alan
(Posted on 13/09/2016)
I love it! It stops all my arrows from my 35Ib recurve and no bounce outs. Its light weight and very portable.
Review by Alex
Great value, portable and good stopping power.
(Posted on 27/06/2016)
Have been using this in the garden for a couple of months. My Recurve 30lbs and sons Recurve 18lbs at about 15 yards. Stops either very easily but crucially also doesn't bounce out my sons very light 300 carbon arrows either. Nice and portable size. Says you can only shoot on one of the faces but looks to be lasting very well being layed foam. You'll obviously need to fold the sides in slightly on a 60x60 target face.....
Review by Scale70
Excellent stopping power
(Posted on 06/06/2016)
Received this target today, wasted no time in setting it up & shooting a few
dozen arrows to test it out , NO PROBLEMS with this target, excellent stopping power & good self-healing properties, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, well done Merlin
Review by Colin
Holding up well
(Posted on 22/07/2015)
Had this for about six months now putting maybe six dozen arrows a week into it from a 34 lb recurve at between 10 and 20 yards. I mainly use 60cm faces but sometimes swap to a three-spot vegas to spread the damage around a bit. It has gone a bit soft in the middle but it but it is holding up well and has plenty of life left. Never had an arrow bounce out. Nice little target.
Review by TPG
Tough target
(Posted on 13/07/2015)
This target is great at stopping arrows, i have shot at it with a 36# target recurve, 44# longbow, 60# recurve and 70# compound bow. All of the arrows were retained by the target, no bounce outs, and it holds paper target faces well. It is light and easy to carry down to the bottom of the garden. The most penetration I had was a 500grn arrow from my 70# compound, well tuned at 20m. The point protruded about 12 inches from the rear of the target. Shot well over a thousand arrows at it and it still looks great.

The only down side is the relatively small size - it is big enough to stick an 80cm spot target on (inner 5 rings) so you can use it to practice your Portsmouth rounds on. The foam is white and you can draw on it with a marker if you are just practicing form, saves on target faces.

Would buy another!
Review by Mark
Good target
(Posted on 19/04/2015)
This is a brilliant target stops arrows even from a 70lbs compound bow... For the price its great... Cant fault it one bit... A must buy for a great target on a budget.
Review by Jack
Great for the price
(Posted on 02/12/2014)
Myself and my wife have been using this for a couple of months most weekends and is still in great shape (hardly any damage to the foam) considering they amount of arrows we have put into it. Its portable, weather proof, long lasting and I've used it indoors too. Would recommend as a small, cheap garden target. Only downside was for me I couldn't fit a FITA 18 face on the target.
Review by Jamie

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