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Mybo Rio Complete Recurve Bow

INCLUDED FOR FREE: 1x Fast Flight Bow String + 1x Bow Stringer - Be sure to select the correct string from the drop down menu

The all new Rio Supercast magnesium riser brings high performance shootability to the aspiring archer. Low vibration, super light mass weight and an exceptional specification that far exceeds its accessible price point.

If you are looking to start your archery career on the right path, there is no better partner than the Rio Supercast Magnesium riser.


• Made in the UK
• Magnesium construction
• Light mass weight - the lightest fully featured metal riser on the market
• Available in 23" (960g) and 25" (1020g)
• Tough powdercoat colours, with clear gloss finish
• Stainless steel stabiliser inserts and bushings
• Soft touch rubberised grip
• International limb fitting

Why Magnesium?

• Magnesium is the lightest of all structural metals
• Magnesium offers the best strength to weight ration of any structural metal
• 33% lighter than aluminium
• Magnesium has the highest dampening characteristics of all structural metals

Suggested brace height range for Mybo Rio riser and Synergy limbs.

25" Riser
66" 19.5cm - 21.5cm
68" 20.5cm - 22.5cm
70" 21.5cm - 23.5cm

23" Riser
64" 19cm - 21cm
66" 20cm - 22cm
68" 21cm - 23cm

Mybo Synergy Limbs:


Synergy; "The interaction of multiple elements to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate parts."

Everything an aspiring archer could want. Quality materials, expert craftsmanship and performance that far outshines its moderate price tag.

Synergy Air features the highest quality UD Fiberglass laminates with a premium foam core.

Lengths Based on a 25" Riser:
Long: 70"
Medium: 68"
Short: 66"

International standard dovetail fitting.
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