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Written by: Merlin Archery Centre

Archery is a safe and enjoyable sport for all the family. However, bows used carelessly can cause serious harm. Non of the bows we sell (including the fiberglass bow kits) are toys. A straightforward, common sense approach to safety should be adopted by all. The following points are a guide, and not the only safety considerations to be aware of.

Make sure the area you are using the bow in is completely clear, and that no one could accidentally walk within range of your bow. Be aware of arrow deflection should you miss, as it may travel at extreme angles to the target.

Spectators must always stand behind the archer.

Inspect your arrows for damage before shooting. If an arrow is damaged, do not shoot it as it may break upon release.

Make sure arrows are long enough so they can not be drawn off the rest and fall inside the bow.

When pulling arrows from a target make sure no one is standing behind you.

Never let anyone draw or shoot your bow if their draw length is longer than yours. Over drawing of the bow can cause damage to the bow.

When drawing the bow, keep it level with the target. Drawing high and then lowering the bow could be very dangerous should a premature release accidentally happen.

Children must be supervised by an adult at all times

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