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Basic Recurve Bow Set-Up

Written by: Merlin Archery Centre

Below are a few pointers in preparing your bow for shooting.

arrow rest
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Positioning your arrow rest

The hole in the arrow rest should line up with the hole in the bow handle. Use the double sided tape provided to stick the rest to the bow.

arrow rest
nocking point
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Nocking point

This gives you a consistent place on the string to attach you arrow. You can use crimp on Nocking Points (medium) available online for a permanent fixture.

nocking points
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Nocking point position

Your nocking point should be positioned so the arrow is at 90 degrees to the bow. The use of a bowsquare helps with this. One nocking point should be crimped above the nock, and one below the nock.

bow square
nocking the arrow
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Nocking your arrow

The arrow should snap on the string between the two nocking points. The cock fletch (the single colour fletching) should face away from the face of the bow to give better clearance to the other fletches

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