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Merlin Excalibur 37 Compound Bow

Merlin Excalibur 37 Compound Bow
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The answer to your question is YES, it does shoot as good as it looks!

Impressive styling meets incredible performance. The new Excalibur is the pinnacle of compound bow design.

Note the straight riser design and more vertical limb style? A shooters bow. Supremely balanced, steady in aim, quiet - yet with a solid, responsive feel.

Available in 3 lengths. 34", 37" & 40"

All new limb design featuring industry standard Gordon Composite materials for unsurpassed reliability and consistency.

Our laminated 'Quad' limbs feature a unique profile to control flex while maintain stability around the limb pocket. Extra wide 63mm spread, oversized 6mm axles and bearings plus an extra wide 25mm cam greatly improves torsional rigidity and stability.

Externally mounted axles holes maintain limb integrity as well as increasing the precision of cross drilling axle holes.

All of the above combine to offer a vertical limb style bow with massively reduced limb oscillation.

Our new limbs our stronger, quieter and faster than any limb we have built before.

Excalibur Cams.

What is ‘offset centre pull’ ? When we designed the Excalibur bow, we did not want to place the nocking point in the centre of the bow. This would have forced the grip too far down the riser affecting balance and aiming. So when the grip is placed where we know it shoots best, the nocking point is above centre.

But normally, when a string is drawn from a nocking point fixed above centre, the nocking point rises. This affects tuning and encourages the arrow to flex vertically through the shot. It becomes harder to tune.

We have designed our twin cams to deliver a true horizontal nock travel, even though it is not being drawn from centre. So you get the benefit of a riser geometry with a grip placed nearer to centre, but with the string delivery of a bow with a dead centre pull nocking point position.

Another new feature is the adjustable draw length. There is approximately 1" - 1.75" adjustment (depending on cam size). We have purposely limited the amount of draw length adjustment per cam to make sure feel and performance is consistent through each setting. In effect, we have only a 'Long' and 'Medium' draw setting on each cam. There is no short draw setting. We found setting a cam in its short setting adversely affected performance. In stead, we have manufactured multiple cam sizes so no matter what you draw length you know you are getting a cam working at its best.

We have also bucked the trend regarding axles and bearings. 3/16" axles and bearings have been undersized for years. We now use 6mm axles and bearings which are stiffer and flex less when shot

An amalgamation of form and function, the Excalibur risers are a cut above the rest.

Precision machined to exact tolerances from high grade 6082 aluminium. The Excalibur riser starts life as a 30 pound billet and is sculptured, polished and anodized before finishing up on a bow weighing less than 5lbs.

EX40 riser length = 28"
EX37 riser length = 25"
EX34 riser length = 22"


1 Vertical limb, straight riser geometry improves balance, aiming and accuracy.
2 New, high accuracy four point limb mounting system.
3 High quality, polished anodized finish.
4 Up-rated 1/2” diameter carbon roller guard.
5 Ergonomic, 3 degree angled integral grip.
6 Stress equalizing forward rib design updated and improved from our pioneering Omega bow of the 1990's.
7 Stainless steel stabilizer insert.
8 Flex adjusted riser.
9 String Suppressor fitted as standard.
10 Dampeners fitted as standard.
11 Additional 5/16" UNF threaded weight mounting holes.
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