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Medieval Reproduction 'Bodkin' Arrowhead

Medieval Reproduction 'Bodkin' Arrowhead
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Replication of a medieval bodkin. Bodkins were used for penetrating armor and shields.

- Length: appr. 7,5 cm
- Weight: appr. 260 grs.

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(Posted on 01/10/2015)
I bought one of these for novelty value just to see what they were like and was very impressed.... So impressed in fact that I epoxied it to the end of a cheap old wooden LARP arrow I had knocking about the place (minus foam head obviously). Fired from a 30lb longbow it was grin-inducingly destructive against a poor defenceless washing machine so if I ever get involved in a war against a rogue army of sentient washing machines I'll be able to give a good account of myself.
Review by Martin
(Posted on 20/10/2013)
I recently made my own warbow. I put these heads on some poc shafts and shot them at a sheet of steel.
Full penetration was achieved with every arrow. They may be reproduction but they are absolutely devastating.
I cant stop grinning every time I think about it!
Review by matthew

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