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MAC Vented Leather Armguard ****

MAC Vented Leather Armguard ****

Regular Price: £1,200,000.00

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Approx 7' x 2.5' with elasticated straps that are fastened together with velcro. Protects the arm and prevents clothes coming in contact with the string while shooting.
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Excellent armguard
(Posted on 10/07/2012)
My first armguard and not a bad choice :) Mine came with the plastic clips which I prefer to the velcro since there is greater adjustment for skinny arms.
Review by Andrew
fits well
(Posted on 13/06/2012)
Bought this for my fiance she is always slapping her arm on release, this guard fits most of her fore arm perfectly i don't have to hear her complaining any more.
Review by Ryan
great value
(Posted on 28/05/2012)
Mine came with new soft elasticated straps and fastened with clips which makes it extra comfy. Great price. I would of been happy with at twice the price...
Review by MICHAEL
Good quality for the price
(Posted on 14/05/2012)
Good dark tan colour, Soft leather. Velcro straps. Good value item.
I did however find the guard hard to put on due to the velcro straps, as i have small wrists and it wouldn't tighten any ideal for larger wrists. Other than that quite comfortable and looks good on!
Review by Beck
(Posted on 24/04/2012)
Very comfortable
Review by VILESH
Good But Basic.
(Posted on 18/04/2012)
Nice little Armguard and great value. It gives basic protection and is light and unobtrusive.
However I may well invest in a longer one in the future as you have to make sure this one is positioned well on your arm to ensure no string slap.
Review by Mark

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