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MAC Slip Over Case - Longbow

Made from tough cudora material, this case comes with velcro flap, drawstrigs and a clip on carry strap.

Case dimensions:

Length: 72'
Width: 3'
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does what it says on the tin!
(Posted on 01/07/2015)
A nice simple bag with shoulder strap - four connection D rings so you can fit it to your person. Takes my 68" Buck trail Blackhawk easily.

Very quick turn around by Merlin, happy to recommend.
Review by Steve
Quality item, low cost.
(Posted on 11/12/2014)
For the price it's a well made bit of kit. I also used one of the drawstrings as a string keeper til I picked one up. Would be better with a soft inner liner but I guess that would drive up cost (deluxe version perhaps MAC?). Happy with it :)
Review by Rob
good value for money
(Posted on 24/08/2014)
Well made soft bow case/bag. If it fits your bow, stop looking and just buy it.
Review by Steve
what you would expect
(Posted on 03/06/2013)
its a cheap case, not made cheaply, good strong stiching and clips for the sholder strap, velcro on the top wich i think would hold the bow incase you accidentaly held it upside down and it wont rip easily and looks quite waterproof. it will work but is nothing fancy.
Review by Andrew

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