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MAC Blackhawk Scope - (Incl. Lens)

MAC Blackhawk Scope - (Incl. Lens)
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The Blackhawk scope is the newest addition to our family of scopes. Incorporating many of the same features as our famous 'Ten Zone' scope, the Blackhawk is yet another example of a premium product without the premium price tag.

* Precision CNC machined housing.
* 1 x Interchangeable Lens.
* Large, fully visible level.
* Selection of stick on dots & circles.
* Reduced rear housing diameter.

What is the difference between the Ten Zone and Blackhawk scopes?

Mostly - it's the lens. The Nikon lens supplied with the Ten Zone is the superior lens. If you are looking for a proven, all weather, high end lens it has to be the Nikon lens. But for those that are looking to save a few £'s there are alternatives.

With the Blackhawk lens we wanted to find the 'happy medium'. Not just cheap for the sake of being cheap, but something a little better. That's what the Blackhawk lens is; a reasonable lens at reasonable price.
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Good Quality but...
(Posted on 07/05/2017)
I recently bought this as my 1st scope (fitted to an Avalon Tec X) I toyed with the idea of getting the Ten Zone Fibre Optic or the basic Ten Zone so that I could upgrade later to fibre optic if I felt I needed it but simply couldn't afford either of the Ten Zone options at the time.

The Blackhawk is really well made, the lenses are easy to change ( I bought the scope with the .50 diopter and a spare .75 diopter) but i did find it tricky to get the self adhesive aiming dots centered on the lens and managed to destroy quite a few, especially the Rings.

The scope only comes with 1 nut and there's no mention that you may need additional nuts which I later found out that Merlin actually have in stock, I ended up buying a packet off ebay.

In use the scope has stayed put with nothing loosening off and the lenses seem fine to me (I use a #2 Speciality Archery clarifier) All in all at the price I can only recommend it but I think I'd prefer the fibre optic Ten Zone as the black aiming dot's are difficult to see in certain light. Unfortunately the Blackhawk isn't drilled to accept the Ten Zone fibre optic pin although it does appear to be machined out where the pin would fit.

Overall I'm happy with it but will probably upgrade to a Ten Zone fibre optic when funds permit. It's worth taking into account that although the Blackhawk is only £40 compared to the basic Ten Zone at £66 the extra £26 gets you a Nikon lens and a better upgrade potential.
Review by R Mac
Great Value
(Posted on 18/11/2015)
This is an incredible scope and for the price you pay, you just can't beat that!
Super clear optics and the stickers supplied are both easy to apply or remove and they are very durable too!
The hi-vis orange ring around the body makes it easy to centre in your peep sight.
Build quality is also exceptional. It is tough and sturdy yet very lightweight.
Review by Owen
Good sight for the price
(Posted on 01/08/2014)
I like this scope a lot. The orange ring makes it easy to find through the peep and the lens works well as far as I could see. The range of decals is very good, my advice would be to use the orange ones, since in the rain the black ones are hard to see among the drops. the scope is well built and sturdy, no complains to now.
Only thing that could be made better, it would be nice if it came with a couple of nuts and spacers fitted to the thread, as I had to buy them in a hardware shop in order to fix the scope well to the sight (I have a SureLoc Challenger and the do not provide anything like that withe the sight mount).
Review by Mattia
Build quality good, lens not so.
(Posted on 18/06/2014)
I just got this to swap out for an old Cartel scope. Thought I would go for this as the other reviews stated that the lens was nice and clear and the build quality was good.

Well, I can attest that the construction of the lens is excellent. Nice size and solid construction. You can pop the lens out nice and easily.

Unfortunately, the lens is where it's let down. The clarity of it is abysmal! At 20yds and below, it's nice and clear, but once you start getting into the 40+yds it gets progressively worse. Trying to shoot 60, 70 or 80 yards is horrible. you can barely make out the target let alone any detail on it. I thought it may have been just my eyesight, but I checked with a few of my club comrades and they all said the same thing.

Don't get me wrong, I know that this isn't a Nikon lens, but then, neither was the Cartel scopes lens, and it was far superior in clarity. My opinion, Keep the body and ditch the lens, This still needs some work.

Keeps 2 stars for body construction, otherwise would have been a 1 star review, and only because you cant award 0 stars.

[Reply from Merlin. Hi Max. Please get in touch. This does not sound normal so we would like to solve your problem. Thanks]
Review by max
Exceptional scope!
(Posted on 29/01/2014)
This is an incredible scope and for the price you pay, you just can't beat that!
Super clear optics and the stickers supplied are both easy to apply or remove and they are very durable too!
The hi-vis orange ring around the body makes it easy to centre in your peep sight and even better is that it can easily be converted from right handed to left handed, and although this is the case with most scopes these days, you cant beat the combination of a quality scope and a very reasonable price.
Build quality is also exceptional. It is tough and sturdy yet very lightweight.

Overall a great buy, I personally can't think of a better choice if you're looking at either a first scope, or a scope on a tight budget.
Review by Mikit
(Posted on 30/08/2012)
What a great scope for the money. Why would you want a more expensive scope when this has the same great quality as the more expensive models. really well made, and i have won a few gold medals using this in comp's. 10/10
Review by james
Good Scope - Good Package
(Posted on 18/07/2012)
I bought this scope as an upgrade for a very basic scope I already had. Its slightly bigger than I'd anticipated but light and very well made. The lens is clear and easy to focus through and there is a good range of decals included in the box. A few of my club members ,including a number of very experienced archers, have been impressed and have shown interest in purchasing one.
Review by Matt W - London
5 star
(Posted on 15/03/2012)
Great scope really good alternative to the ten zone and cheaper to.
Review by matthew
Worth every penny
(Posted on 09/03/2012)
Very pleased with this scope, well made, nice bright image, and good value, also liked the range of decals that came with it.
Review by Ray - Spain

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