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Kinetic Trium X Compound Bow^

Kinetic Trium X Compound Bow^
Product Code:731291
In Store Price:£350.00

Special Order Item. Usually delivered within 2 weeks.


Designed by a famous American compound bow engineer.

This bow is a 38" axle - axle that offers 70% let-off.

The split limbs are made of high modulus US Gordon fiber.

A 7" brace height and a mass weight of 2160gr.

RH only
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Really good value
(Posted on 20/12/2017)
Bought this bow just out of curiosity, and due in part to the price. I am really happy with the way the bow looks feels and performs. I do own a Bowtech, and the Kinetic appears to shoot equally as well as the Bowtech. Took it to the club to shoot and there was nothing to say other than it surprised me as to how well the bow suit my shooting style. I cannot say how it will feel and look after the rigours of shooting 2 -3 times per week, only time will tell
I can guarantee that that you will not be disappointed if you were to buy this bow. One happy archer.
Review by J.D.

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