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Hoyt Ortho Grip - Wood

Hoyt Ortho Grip - Wood
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Top grade grip designed for use with the Hoyt Eclipse, Excel, Helix, Nexus, GMX and Formula RX risers. Optimized for experienced archers.

Colour may vary due to nature of the wood
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(Posted on 02/03/2017)
Well said Ron,I thought I was the only one,fits perfect in the wrong hand,waste of money.
Review by John
(Posted on 10/01/2017)
I would rate this 0 stars if I could. I ordered a right-handed grip (as I'm a right-handed archer) expecting it to be contoured to fit my left hand (my bow hand). However, the grip was contoured to fit my right hand and is quite uncomfortable to hold in my left hand. And apparently the left version, which I presume would be contoured to fit my left hand, wouldn't physically fit my right handed Hoyt Horizon riser! I think Hoyt have seriously messed up here!
Review by Ron
(Posted on 06/02/2013)
Put this on my Hoyt Horizon riser as I never seemed to get a consistent hand position.
This grip is brilliant, you get a very good point of reference to where your hand is, also raises the wrist. Some people might not like the edge on it, but I feel this helps as a reference point.
(I only have medium sized hands)
Review by Rob

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Hoyt Ortho Grip - Wood - Right Handed
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Hoyt Ortho Grip - Wood - Right Handed

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