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Hoyt Horizon Recurve Riser

Hoyt Horizon Recurve Riser

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Horizon and Excel provide high performance at starter bow prices. Horizon is a 25" HDS riser with a simplified, easy to use pivot block alignment system, while Excel comes in lengths and mass weights ideal for small-statured shooters and beginning youth archers.

Length: 25"
Mass Weight: 2.3 lbs / 1,070 grams
Riser Style: Hoyt Flex-Tuned Deflex Geometry
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Brilliant entry-mid level riser
(Posted on 09/04/2015)
This was my second riser, following my first "toe in the water" cheap take down bow, aside from the increased weight (very much to be expected when moving to something more professional) this has been an absolutely stellar piece of kit. The machining is brilliant, not the best I've seen but still pretty damn great, the finish on the paint is lovely and more importantly it feels very balanced, I would HIGHLY recommend upgrading the grip to one of Hoyt's beautiful wooden grips, the plastic one that comes with it is probably the best I've used, but it's still just plastic. Also this takes ILF limbs, unlike a lot of Hoyt risers, so I've been able to throw in some relatively cheap SF Elites 38ln before I get used to everything and drop money on my target limbs, Hoyt's @ 40lb. All in all, epic riser at an incredible price point
Review by Matt
Brilliant Riser
(Posted on 24/12/2014)
This is my second riser, having previously shot with a Cartel Fantom. The Cartel was a great little beginner riser, but my Hoyt Horizon is in a completely different class. Although great for starting archery, I found the Cartel had a bit more vibration on it than I would have liked. My Horizon has none that I can really notice, and I've spent a considerable amount of time at the range playing with it this past week. It's a fair bit lighter than the Cartel too, making it a lot more stable. And in my personal opinion, the grip is more comfortable. I'm using it with the SF Elite Fibre Foam limbs, having used SF Axiom Plus limbs with the Fantom, and I can really tell the difference. It's far smoother and quieter now. With the combination of the Hoyt Horizon riser and the SF Elite Fibre Foam limbs, my accuracy has improved considerably. I also traded up from XX75's to A/C/C's. All in all, this a great riser to shoot with and I would recommend it to anyone.
Review by Peter
Bow - Good Service - Exceptional
(Posted on 20/02/2014)
I bought the riser as I'd shot a couple at the club and thought it felt good in the hand and the price range was what I was prepared to pay.

The bow arrived and I followed the instructions in the Hoyt Recurve Owner’s manual to shoot 100 arrows before trying to adjust the tiller. I found it fit my hand comfortably and felt smooth but the limbs were just a shade too strong for me. I went to adjust the poundage and found that the upper tiller was fine but the lower tiller locking screw couldn't be moved and the Tiller adjustment bolt was loose.

I called Merlin on the Monday morning, they sent me a label to post it back (for free). They emailed me on Wednesday to explain the problem and how they'd fixed it (some swarf in the thread which was causing it to seize.) and I'm now sitting here on Thursday with the perfect working riser in my hands (for which I didn't have to pay any postage/packing).

I cannot complement them enough for the swift and professional manner they dealt with the problems keeping me in the loop all the way.

Oh and the bows quite good as well......
Review by Robert
Ideal if you want good kit early on
(Posted on 09/02/2014)
This riser is great for beginners to intermediates, and has the added bonus that it takes the international limb fitting (other Hoyt risers generally do not). I have been very pleased with the one. I don't think the lack of extra screw regions for more stabilisers is a problem because at this level you don't want to be worrying about that. At this level, you really only need the long rods (and maybe side rods).
Review by Dann
very good quality for the price
(Posted on 16/12/2013)
I bought this for barebow , not knowing much about archery. After 6 months and more knowledge I can easily say that if you're buying a first hand riser and can't pay more than 200£ , this is probably your best choice.

the quality is superb, the balance is almost perfect (got a 350gr weight for the front) and the riser feels very good in hand.

the only problem with this riser is that it has no extra sockets for weights or stabilizers on the top and the bottom near the limb sockets like other risers, it has only 1 socket just below the grip, so if you're thinking about going into serious Olympic recurve archery later on, might want to buy something else.

Otherwise I recommend this to everyone. I believe I will use mine for a long long time.
Review by Sinan
(Posted on 16/05/2012)
I brought this riser as part of my first bow, and I do not regret my decision. It was a choice between this and the SF Premium riser. Although there are some imperfections on the riser (Such as some chipped paint and rough edges but these can only be seen when you're close up) the overall build quality of the riser is excellent. A brilliant purchase if you're looking for you first bow.
Review by Samuel
(Posted on 21/03/2012)
I was looking for my first riser after shooting with club bows for about 4 months. Compared this with the Samick Vision 2 and a few others. I initially preferred the visions grip but it seemed to have quite a bad vibration after each shot. After a few hour playing with both the Horizon wins hands down in my view. The near 200g lighter makes it easier to stabilize the shot even after many arrows. Was a bit unsure about the open limb pockets but actually now I think it's a feature! I looks cleaner than most other risers. I've been shooting this now for three months and my shooting has come on no end (shot a 295/360 frostbite a few weeks ago). So glad I chose the horizon, highly recommended to everyone.
Review by scotty

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