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Flex - Multi Flex Brace Height Gauge

Flex - Multi Flex Brace Height Gauge
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Multi Flex is more than a tool. Is the indispensable tool.

It?s more than a fistmele and tiller gauge. MultiFlex is a sturdy tool that can be used like wrench for most of actual nocks, a wrench for 2, 3 or 4 blades broadheads and safely install them. Archers found that the three blades wrench can be used for checking the correct fletching of arrows with three vanes.

A point where we focus a lot effort is clipping the string. Our MultiFlex is the most friendly of all existing tools. The special plastic used on the well known Flex-Lebrunet armguard, with a combination of strength and flexibility and rounded corners will not damage your string or serving.

MultiFlex is made with a very resist plastic - fiber reinforced with a specific combination of hardness and lightness.

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Not very good
(Posted on 24/08/2015)
Im not a fan of this tool. Its really big and clunky it does sit on the rest well as its chunky, but all the corners are rounded and dont really inspire confidence. It comes as metric and the ruler is just a sticker. If you want imperial you have to stick another ruler on yourself (included in packet) this involves hunting for a small raised bit of plastic to reference to and some badly worded instructions (read the description on this website youll get the gist) . I set my nocks on a new string with this and they were about 2mm out. I blame the sticker. Oh and on the subject of the sticker, it has now fallen off after becoming wet this weekend. Save your money and buy a mybo or cartel etched one. Erm positive note... It clicks on well
Review by andrew

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