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Easton XX75 Platinum - Ready to Use

Easton XX75 Platinum - Ready to Use

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Custom Made Item. Usually delivered within 2 weeks.

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XX75 Platinum provides top-quality aerospace alloy consistency and performance that comes in a full range of sizes for almost any target shooter. Get Platinum for easy set up, quick bow tuning, and super tight groups. Straightness: ± .002 Weight tolerance: ± 2.0 Hard–anodized Alloy

Additional notes regarding nock fitting.

Shaft sizes up 1516 through 1916 use 'G  nock' fitting.
Sizes 2013 and above use 'Super nock' fitting.

Please Note Maximum stock lengths :-

1416 = 27"
1516 = 27.5"
1616 = 28.5"
1713 = 29.5"
1716 = 29"
1813 = 30"
1816 = 30"
1913 = 30.5"
1916 = 31"
2013 = 32.5"
2016 = 32"
2114 = 31"
2213 = 31.5"
2315 = 32"

how to measure arrow length
We will gladly cut your arrows/shafts to size, but please note the following.

1) The industry standard (AMO) method of measurement is from the bottom of the nock groove to the end of the shaft.

2) Our cutting tolerances are +- 1/16” with appropriate nock combination.

If you require anything different from the above, we will be pleased to accommodate you. But you must email us for instructions before ordering.

We can do most things, but we can’t put the end back on an arrow!
AMO Arrow Length

Reviews 12 Review(s) 1 2 3 4 5
Excellent Arrows
(Posted on 13/07/2015)
Purchased Qty 12 last week (08 July 15) just pointed & nocked. Fitted my own flights (for the 1st time) and they flew brilliantly. Quality item.
Supper help from Steve in Loughborough.
Review by Owen
Absolutely brilliant
(Posted on 30/06/2015)
Bought these as my first arrow & I wasn't disappointed, cool looking, very light & shoot like a dream. A big thank you to the team at Merlin Co Durham for setting these up for me
Review by Andrew
Phenomenal value
(Posted on 29/03/2015)
Upgraded from Easton Jazz and have not been disappointed. These are very good arrows, look great and group very well. Hard to beat at this price, highly recommended!
Review by Ron
Fantastic service
(Posted on 23/12/2014)
I ordered a set of these 5 days before Christmas... given that the website says they could take up to 2 weeks, and obviously with the holiday coming up, I assumed I'd be waiting until January. Not so - having ordered on Saturday afternoon, the arrows arrived on Tuesday! Very impressed with the quality of the arrows and the service provided by Merlin - thank you for the speedy delivery!
Review by Lydia
(Posted on 16/08/2014)
My first set of Aluminum arrows and would buy them again. Would use a heaver pile if i was going to change anything on the pre built arrow. Out of one hundred i would give it eighty.
Review by John
Brilliant !
(Posted on 25/04/2014)
I bought a set of these 2016's to shoot with a 30# recurve last year, now I'm shooting 47# and still using these same arrows 31" and still virtually new looking after 18 months ! They fly as well now as they did when new.
In terms of versatility and especially value for money they are without doubt...brilliant.
There, I've said it.
Indoor or outdoor, 18m or 80 yards...its all good.
Review by Adrian
nice value
(Posted on 31/07/2013)
very happy with these well put together arrows ida rated 4 but based on the price i voted 5 stars cos there well better than i expected for such little money. my thanks to the guys at merlin
Review by derek
Great Arrows
(Posted on 03/10/2012)
Brought these over a week ago, and have been perfect, since my move from a jazz arrow, shoot well, light would highly recommend these arrows, great price too
Review by steve
Good Arrows
(Posted on 27/08/2012)
A nice light arrow suitable for beginner/intermediate shooters.
Review by Foobs
(Posted on 29/04/2012)
Light arrows that fly really well,look nice and are almost indestructable. Go for these over jazzes and you won't regret it
Review by Chris
nice arrows
(Posted on 28/04/2012)
great upgrade from the armex arrows id been using better quality looks and everythin and shoot great too well worth the little extra and merlin did a great job put them together :-)
Review by tintin
(Posted on 24/04/2012)
Very light arrows. Nice grey colour
Review by VILESH

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