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Decut ZX229 Button - Black

Decut ZX229 Button - Black
Product Code:705211
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The ZX229 plunger is a very nice new button from Decut Manufacturing.

Smooth action with micro click adjustable spring tension. Includes spare tip and different spring weights and two different locking nut collar lengths to cover most bow riser thicknesses.
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This Decut Button works very nicely
(Posted on 26/05/2016)
I have been using this Decut button for a few months now and like the feel of it. The one I got has 4 springs for different stiffness, came with an extra tip as well. It comes with 2 different stop rings that come flush with the bow riser, in thick and thin version. It also fits through the hole of my ever so nice Shibuya Ultima rest. I have had zero issues with this button. I recommended this button to a friend that purchased one and likes it as well. Great price on a quality item in my opinion.
Review by Tryggvi
Not great
(Posted on 22/07/2015)
Got one of these as a better featured upgrade from an SF 'freebie' button. It wasn't an upgrade. The click features are nice and it is well put together but it was nothing like as smooth and a smooth piston is more important than clicky adjustments. Maybe I got a dud but if spending in this ballpark the Shibuya gold tip is a no brainer.
Review by TPG
nice bit of kit
(Posted on 22/03/2014)
Well worth the money great range of settings
Nice quality
Review by mike
First class button!!
(Posted on 16/02/2013)
Got this for Christmas to replace my Cartel button. Everything about this button is better in comparison. Pressure adjustment is fast, simple and easy. It comes with a wide range of spare and tools to allow an incredible range of adjstment. Exceptional value for a great product!!
Review by Tom
(Posted on 29/09/2012)
Comes with two sizes of fixing ring 3 spare springs and a spare metal plunger rod so should last yeas! has very easy way to adjust pressure too.
Highly recommend Decut as a brand as I have this and sights and clicker from them too, great build quality from China!
Review by Mando
Excellent value. Changing pressure is so easy
(Posted on 28/06/2012)
I got the old plastic plunger type first. It worked well and it looked like the 3 supplied plungers were going to last at least a year or two. When the metal plunger came out I upgraded sometime last year, and that's been working fine. The picture still shows the plastic plunger, but when I got my 2nd one I only saw metal plunger types on display. The plastic one used to squeak a lot on aluminium arrows, but the metal plunger doesn't.
It's a perfect fit for Beiter rests.
Review by Alan

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