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Core Take Down Recurve Bow - 70"

Core Take Down Recurve Bow - 70"

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70" Take Down Accessory Pack   +£1.87

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A super quality machined aluminium riser available in Blue, Red, Black, White. This is a highly recommended bow for adult beginners and now even better value!

Accessory Pack Includes:
Brass nocking points
2x Plastic arrow rests
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Great great great service superb entry level starter bow.
(Posted on 30/12/2015)
I have to say my whole experience with Merlin was amazing. We went the first day open after Christmas is yesterday as I was looking to buy an entry level recurve bow. They were blooming busy as you'd expect but we got the attention of "Dan" I think it was and he sorted me out with the entire package. He spent at least an hour probably an hour and a half getting everything sized up for me then setting up the bow letting me shoot it, changing the arrows for ones better for me, advising me on technique etc etc really can't believe how much effort with no rushing they spent on me, I saw a lady getting the same treatment as me so it would seem to be the norm even when they are completely busy. Frankly I normally order stuff off the net but even though they are 2 hours from me they'll get all my business moving forward.

Onto the bow I love it spent the morning shooting it watching my groups get closer and closer together the sight is a bit ropey as I got it as part of the £117 package and gets lose pretty quick but overall I couldn't be happier other than already destroying an arrow I'm loving it and can't believe I hadn't discovered archery sooner. Cheers Merlin you are amazing!!!
Review by Ant
Very Good All Rounder- Very Pleased!
(Posted on 04/09/2015)
A wonderful choice for those on a budget or trying archery for the first time. I'm tall so got the 70" at 32lbs- I have to say, I am very impressed! Riser is all metal and has a very sturdy and robust finish, the limbs are light weight and very powerful indeed. There are pre drilled areas for all mod cons- sights, stabilisers etc if you fancy.
My product came next day delivery, professionally packed with no issues at all. In fact I am here now only to order more stuff.
I would absolutely recommend Merlin to anyone I know.
Review by Adam
better and better
(Posted on 12/03/2015)
have had this bow a week now , 1st wrote a review when i first tried it , without any tuning i managed a 10" grouping , now after a week and getting used to the bow i'm down to a 3 1/2 " grouping , it's cheap but it's good
Review by richard
very surprised
(Posted on 08/03/2015)
spoke to a guy called Steve about this bow because was just a bit doubtful on how good it would be for the price , he assured me that it really was a good bow , so what the hell lets give it a go, because of the problems i have with my upper back i needed a light draw weight , went for the 20 lbs ,it arrived , i put it together ,that in itself was simple , had a few arrows that would be ok for this bow , so off i went to see what a £62 would do , thats where the surprise came in , once i had adjusted the sights , this bow was really good , after half an hour of shooting i was achieving a grouping of 10" time after time , the more i use this bow the better and smaller that grouping will become , any one out there that wants a good cheap bow ,this is the one i would recommend
Review by richard
Great bow
(Posted on 14/01/2015)
Hi I've had this bow for a Christmas present and I want to say I love it.shoots well.accurate,powerful.great for beginners.cheers merlin.a*****
Review by Helen
Looking good
(Posted on 07/01/2015)
I love this bow , I got a white riser with the White limbs and it looks sooooo good
Review by Rob
just perfect
(Posted on 01/05/2014)
if this is your first bow ,this will leave you speechless.Just perfect for Beginners.
My advice the 28 or 30 lb is powerful enough.Please wear fingerprotection.
(Please forgive my English)
Review by Giorgos
Fantastic bow
(Posted on 20/02/2014)
Riser- Perfect, I've been using the wooden riser core recurve bow for over a year and this metal riser feels vastly superior. Or maybe it's just perception as it looks like a professional riser, something noticed by other club members.

Limbs- Perfect, as far as I know. I'm no expert on recurve bow limbs but the 34lb limbs feel consistent and are more powerful than any I've used before.

This bow seems to be the ideal bow for someone who knows what they're doing (I.e had a beginners course or joined a club) and wants a good, cheap bow to use. However cheap is not something this bow feels like in practice, with a professional-looking riser and shooting better than any I've ever seen. The only slight niggle is the arrow rests which are awful and break very quickly. Luckily this is a minor problem, fixed by ordering a Hoyt rest for an extra 80p. I look forward to using this bow in the months and years to come, as long as I don't drop it off a cliff, but the riser will probably survive that.
Review by Alex

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