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Core Take Down Recurve Bow - 68"

Core Take Down Recurve Bow - 68"

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68" Take Down Accessory Pack   +£1.87

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A super quality machined aluminium riser available in Blue, Red, Black, White. This is a highly recommended bow for adult beginners and now even better value!

Accessory Pack Includes:
Brass nocking points
2x Plastic arrow rests
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A lot of bow for low price
(Posted on 06/08/2016)
Whole bow at a price of an entry level ILF riser. Great way to get started. Aluminium riser feels solid.
Review by Vesa
Better then pice tag!
(Posted on 08/07/2016)
Orderd this bow after a lot of back and forth, my interests lie in the more traditional instinctive archery but went this way for a cheaper and more "beginner friendly" option. So far after a lot of help from Merlin, all I can say is it should be more expensive and I have no regrets of choosing this as my first bow. My only issue is the string is around 2 inches too short but its more a slight manufacturing fault and Merlin is replacing it. - Australia
Review by Wayne
Happy purchase and good customer service
(Posted on 09/06/2016)
Bought myself a full kit with a Core take down yesterday, plus a second bow for my wife. Being new to the sport ,really like this bow, and would like to thank Finley for all his help and advice at Merlin and making sure we got the right bows for our needs. All I need to do now is raise my skill level to do justice to the bow! Only gave it 4 stars as I know there are better, more expensive bows , But as a bigginer's bow -its really 5 star!
Review by Steve
Back after a year
(Posted on 10/09/2015)
I commented on this product a year ago and have to admit I was right
Review by Hasan
Top Notch Customer Service and Advice
(Posted on 08/07/2015)
First Bow ive had which was my own.
The riser ( mines blue ) is comfortable in my hand and isnt excessively heavy & the limbs feel solid and sturdy.

After shooting 30 arrows through it on there indoor range im mightily happy and so is my girl friend who also got kitted out at the same time.

The gentleman who served us , Dan was a font of advice and knowledge., top man.

Brilliant first bow.
Review by David
(Posted on 03/12/2014)
i just bought this for my first bow and couldn't be happier. i got the 30-32# limbs and it took me about an hour to fully draw but its worth it! i got this in white and it looks incredible. also the accessories that come with it are great, and the staff iv spoke with to help me where great help, thanks guys.
Review by Jake
Excellent first bow
(Posted on 18/10/2014)
I bought this as my first bow and think it's wonderful. I got the 34-36# limbs and even though they were a bit tough to use at first I am now able to easily draw them back and it's only been two weeks. I ordered the white riser and it looks fantastic. I highly recommend this bow.
Review by Danny
Great Bow
(Posted on 07/08/2014)
Just came back to archery with this bow, it has a nice weight overall, great pull weight (28-30lbs) and looks good!
Sturdy, strong and tough really great for the price, definitely recommend and great accessories that is good quality!
Review by Gavin
Great first bow!
(Posted on 19/06/2014)
Went into Merlins a couple months ago and asked for a beginner to intermediate bow. The gentleman who helped me was great lots of questions to make sure i got exactly what i wanted and needed. Never felt pushed into anything. He took the time to show me a few pointers and made sure i was comfortable with the bow. Started with 28-30# and now im on 32 - 34#. I love the way they let you upgrade for half the price as long as you trade your old limbs in. Ill always buy from merlins. Only problem is they get very busy and being seen sometimes seems like an eternity. At 25 yards im getting 6 inch grouping with this bow i love it!
Review by Rocky
Hit the Target for me!
(Posted on 01/02/2014)
Fantastic bow for the novice, i was very pleased just what i was looking for. Easy to set up/take down. Great service from Merlin with fast, well communicated delivery . Only one tiny gripe the arrow rests included in the free accessory pack are useless..... order a hoyt super rest along with the bow!
Review by Billy
Beginners tip
(Posted on 31/01/2014)
Like most people this is my first bow and it is wonderful. I recommend you buy it if your looking for something of good quality as it is very accurate and easy to set up and take down. btw I haven't reviewed this straight away so I don't think my opinion will change. P.s. if you are a beginner buy some LIMB PROTECTERs it will be worth it and some gloves unless you have a fingures made of titanium :)
Review by Hasan
overall very good
(Posted on 27/01/2014)
Great bow got this just after last Christmas and have to say when i first tested it in the shop range I was more than pleased but it has taken some getting used to as before that i had a one piece fiberglass bow (only 18 ibs), i now have 28 ibs limbs for this bow and i have to say without all of the extras like sights to aim this bow really makes you up your game but once you get there it shoots like a dream. Only downside if any is the fact that its quite poorly balanced so will need to get a stabilizer soon.

Would recommend for someone who has some experience (eg. shooting with a bow like my old one i described) and looking to step up to the next level in recurve shooting.

Would not recommend for any one who is new to the sport and is after a starter bow
Review by daniel
Lovely bow
(Posted on 02/08/2013)
First bow after using the club bow and wow you can tell the difference!!! Its so comfy to hold and shots differently to a wooden riser. I got a lot of compliments about it as its a very good looking bow and looks more expensive then it is. The accessories that come with it are great as well.
Review by Katie
Great Bow
(Posted on 02/07/2013)
First bow i have fired in a few years, easy to handle, fantastic for getting back into archery.
Review by Dafydd
Overall seems a well made and good value bow......
(Posted on 10/06/2013)
Bought as my first bow after completing a beginners course at a local club. First impressions are that the construction and paint finish looks very good on the riser, all screw threads for mounting sight etc are well made. The longrod mounting point has a threaded insert for extra robustness.

Used for the first time at the weekend no issues with the bow, just the archer......
Review by Martin

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