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Complete Recurve Archery Kit

Complete Recurve Archery Kit

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Complete Recurve Archery Kit   +£230.38

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This kit is packed with everything you could wish for from a recurve archery kit.

Kit Contains:
• Decut Basha Recurve Riser - Right Handed ONLY
• Kinetic Kosmo Recurve Limbs - (you select your draw length)
• Suitable Recurve String
• SF Carbon Finger Tab
• Avalon Limb/Top Bow stringer
• Avalon Classic Magnetic Clicker
• Avalon Classic Cushion Plunger
• Avalon Finger Sling
• Avalon Stretch Fit Armguard
• SF Axiom Bowstand
• Avalon Classic Recurve Sight
• Avalon Tec One Quiver
•6x Avalon Tyro Carbon Arrows
• Avalon Tyro 3 Stabiliser Set
• Avalon Tyro Stabiliser Covers
• Decut Recurve Rest
• Avalon Classic First Recurve Case
• Avalon Arrow Tube.
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