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Cartel Fantom Recurve Riser - 25"

Cartel Fantom Recurve Riser - 25"
Product Code:product_6770
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The Cartel Fantom riser is a great Intermediate riser at an even better cost! For this price you would struggle to find a better quality riser!

Mass weight: 1200g
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Brill riser
(Posted on 11/04/2016)
Great riser for the money, the only problem I had with it is the top limb dovetail socketc was sitting to low which made it impossible to fit the top limb it was that tight it wouldn't go in hence the 4 star rating bur after a small tweek alls good.
Review by Frederick
Best for the money
(Posted on 02/02/2015)
Bought for my second bow- wanted something with some quality without spending too much. This riser brings lots of quality for a reasonable price
Review by Alex
no contest...
(Posted on 22/10/2013)
When you're looking for a riser to progress to, and you're taking into account cost, performance, overall look and potential to upgrade this is hands down a no brainer.
I looked all over the met, compared other risers on the site and umm'd and arr'd for a while.
Eventually I bit the bullet and ordered. I wasn't sure I'd made the right choice initially, thinking I should've gone for a higher priced riser, a more popular brand or just stuck with the basic wooden riser.
Let me just say that when this riser arrived, I was impressed... I set it up, got firing and I've never looked back.
For the price the quality is amazing, it's light, durable and very comfortable.
It's fully adjustable and upgradable so you can use it for years without worrying about out growing it.
Sight and stabilizer screw points are all there. Add a good pair of limbs to this riser and you're all set.
The best part is the price, it's less than £100 and I've seen risers far more expensive that are pretty much the same in terms of performance.
If you're looking for a great low priced riser that will see you through for the next few years, this is the one you want.
Review by Darren
Great value
(Posted on 16/08/2013)
I completely agree with SkyLogic. I bought one of these as my first serious riser for club use, and I've been delighted with it. The build quality is superb, the finish impeccable. It is comfortable and stable to shoot, and has a good range of adjustment. My club coach said I'd done the right thing buying a good quality riser but cheap starter limbs; I don't think he realised how cheap this riser actually is! Amazing value for money.
Review by Cliff
Excellent Value for Money
(Posted on 24/10/2012)
When I bought this riser I was on a very tight budget and to be honest I wasn't expecting anything special.
When this arrived and I got it out of the box I was actually amazed at how nicely finished it looked, how light it was and how comfortable it was to hold.

I would defiantly recommend this riser to anyone who is on a tight budget or for any Beginner/Intermediate level archers as a step up from the awful wooden risers and it will do you until you bite the bullet and go for something more high-end if you stick at it and get good.

Plenty of poundage adjustment in the Tiller and limb alignment features too. You won’t get better than this riser in this price bracket. Personally I prefer shooting this than the SF and Samick risers around the same price mark.
Review by SkyLogic

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Cartel Fantom Recurve Riser - 25" - Left Handed - Black
Product Code: 715338
Cartel Fantom Recurve Riser - 25" - Left Handed - Black

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Cartel Fantom Recurve Riser - 25" - Left Handed - Red
Product Code: 715340
Cartel Fantom Recurve Riser - 25" - Left Handed - Red

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