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Buck Trail One Piece Recurve Case

Buck Trail One Piece Recurve Case
Product Code:722133
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Soft padded case from Buck Trail. Black body with camo centre.

160CM x 23CM
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Well made and convenient
(Posted on 06/02/2017)
This is a nicely-made case, more thickly padded than the cheap ones, and with a comfy handle. It also has a full-length zip, rather than only opening at one end - this makes it much easier to get a bow in and out without tangling up string, stringers etc, and also makes it easy to dry the case out if you get caught by rain. I was even able to fit my bow with a bow quiver attached, though this is a bit tight. I thought it would be a bit too long for my 62in bow, but because of the padding it's fine and nothing rattles around. The pocket is the small camo-patterned section in the middle - shame it's not a bit bigger. Oddly, it wraps right round to the other side, so it's possible to lose things round the back! The case doesn't have a hanging loop, which is the other tiny thing I miss.
Review by David
Disappointing/fine - no space for accessories
(Posted on 09/12/2016)
Firstly, Merlin's processing and delivery was efficient and timely as always, it is the product which was disappointing. Whilst I can't really complain as I knew what I was ordering from the description and pictures, I just want to spell it out for others. Basically the bag is fine apart from the fact it only has one tight pocket which measures 6x6 inches making it pretty useless for any accessories, tools etc. whilst putting things inside defeats the point of having a precious wooden bow in a nice soft case! How hard could it be for Buck Trail to add some decent pockets - there is so much space on the outside of the case to play with! Some straps for an arrow tube and a shoulder sling would be great too. I've spent hours looking on for an alternative padded case but have yet to find anything - I thought gun slips would provide a solution but the bow being 55 inches unstrung there is nothing cheap which is long enough. I think Bearpaw have just made a new bag which looks promising but it's going to cost about £55 and isn't stocked in the UK at time of writing. How hard can it be to make a decent bow case for what must be a substantial traditional shooting market? This will have to do for now I suppose!
Review by Nick
(Posted on 04/09/2015)
I have to use crutches the majority of the time I'm outside of the house, carrying either my horsebow or flatbow has been problematic. With these bags I can put the handles over the handgrip of the crutch and still grip the crutch, much better than juggling with a bow in a cloth bag and trying to grip both.
Review by Tony

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