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Buck Trail Longbow Case

Buck Trail Longbow Case
Product Code:722132
In Store Price:£17.74

Availability: 9 In stock

Soft padded case from Buck Trail. Black body with camo centre.

This case is 183cm x 15cm and foam padded internally for maximum protection. Also includes a zip up pocket for accessories.
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Does it's job well at good money...
(Posted on 10/10/2017)
Same as the takedown case this is cheap and cheerful and does all it needs to do... well padded... could use a little more pocket space but hey it's £20 so what's to complain about really...
Review by Jenerik Original
(Posted on 04/09/2015)
I have to use crutches the majority of the time I'm outside of the house, carrying either my flatbow or horsebow has been problematic. With these bags I can put the handles over the handgrip of the crutch and still grip the crutch, much better than juggling with a bow in a cloth bag and trying to grip both.
Review by Tony

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