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Booster Aiming Dots

Booster Aiming Dots
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The decals can be applied on all lenses by simply laying the sticky part on the clean surface of the lens and gently rubbing the transfer tape with a plastic tool. Supplied in 2 piece bag – one black and one red with positioning tool to facilitate installation.
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Ok product not great and not bad
(Posted on 02/01/2016)
The other comments were a bit harsh on this product. They are a bit fiddly to get on but they are on they are on. It take about 5mins of rubbing a plastic card over the applying tape to transfer the decals and to be fare it did take a few goes to get them on. I really like the small dots and amount of options that are on offer with this product. I only gave it two stars as it was a bit to fiddly.
Review by C. Czern
Absolute rubbish, supprised merlin sell this
(Posted on 05/11/2015)
Tried about 15 diffrent spots and circles none would stick, each time left mark on lens, 'did clean lens every time' gave up and threw rest in bin, I only gave it one star as there was no option to give zero
Review by Paul
Don't waste your monney
(Posted on 17/04/2015)
Cleaned lens thoroughly, tried to attach cross hairs to lens, no joy, it just left a sticky residue on the lens. tried again with something different, same result. Two hours later what's left of all the dot's & cross hairs are in the bin & all I achieved was lots of cleaning the lens.
Review by John

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