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Bearpaw Youth Profi Spruce Wooden Arrow - 5/16"

Bearpaw Youth Profi Spruce Wooden Arrow - 5/16"
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Our wooden youth arrow for high demands. The powerful and light-weight spruce shaft optimises performance even for light bow weights. We go in for quality in materials and have placed value on a sensible combination of the arrow's individual components.

The wooden arrow Pro for youths is manufactured in careful handicraft by our arrow manufacturers.

Diameter: 5/16 inches
Spine: up to 30 lbs
Length: 27 inches
Feathers: 2,5 inches RW or 3 inches Shield, yellow, yellow, black, lw
Tip: aluminium glue on point 3 D 5/16 30 gr.
Nock: BP nock 5/16, yellow
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