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Bearpaw Henry Bodnik Deer Hook Deluxe Armguard

Bearpaw Henry Bodnik Deer Hook Deluxe Armguard
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The Deer Hook Deluxe impresses with its exclusive design and is the Henry Bodnik's personal favorite. The elegant combination of thick, chestnut brown Bearpaw leather with a dark reinforcement of roughout leather gives this armguard its special appearance. The armguard is wel suitedl to the arm with its well thought of design and provides a perfect protection against any hit of bow strings.

Leather: Bearpaw leather chestnut brown
Length: 20 cm (7.9 in)
Extras: discs of buckhorn (natural product, shape and color may differ from the picture)
Manufacturing: Handcrafted
Series: Henry Bodnik Line
Your health is important to us! All Bearpaw leather products and textiles are guaranteed to be free of heavy metals and environmental toxins. Tested and certified quality.
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