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Bear Archery - Brave 3 Compound Bow - Pink

Bear Archery - Brave 3 Compound Bow - Pink
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Our Suggested Age Range: 10+

Suggested Age Range: 11 & Up*

A great starter set to introduce youngsters to archery. This youth set is 100% Fred Bear quality, but 30% smaller. It's loaded with big-bow features, such as a durable composite riser and limbs and below-grip cable guard. Whisker Biscuit™ arrow rest eliminates frustration by keeping the arrow secured on the rest during draw.

* 26in. Axle to Axle
* 18-20in. Draw Length
* 15-20lb. Draw Weight
* Durable Composite Limbs and Riser
* 6in. Brace Height
* 65% Let Off

Set Includes:

2 Safetyglass™ Arrows
2-Piece Arrow Quiver
Finger Tab
Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest
1-Pin Sight
Temporary Tatto!
Right Hand Only

*Ages may vary for each bow in accordance with a child's size and shooting ability. This product is not a toy. Adult supervision required.
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