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Other Accessories

Other Accessories


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Arrow Pullers

As well as stopping sweaty palms from slipping, arrow pullers are a good safety barrier against splinters from damaged arrows

Arrow Counters

These handy little counters are great for tracking your shot count during training sessions.

Bow Slings

A white knuckle Bruce Lee death grip is not the best way to hold a bow. A relaxed, loose grip is much better as it reduces bow torque and increases accuracy. Unfortunately bows don’t bounce well, so a bow sling is the best way of avoiding expensive accidents.

Chest Guards

According to legend, female Amazon warriors would take drastic action to ensure the bow string had proper clearance.

But actually, with proper archery technique clearance should not be a problem. Chest guards are used by both sexes, with the main function to keep clothes pulled tight to the body and out of the way of the string.

There certainly is a protective element for some people, as the string does run close to the body, but if there is any heavy string contact a quiet word with the coach may be in order.

Exercise Bands

Get those stiff muscles and joints loosened up a giant rubber band.

Score Books

We may all have days where we would rather not look, but if we don’t score, how will we know if we are getting better?

Training Aids 

It can be difficult to simulate the action of drawing a bow with free weights.  These training aids would compliment any archers fitness routines.

Wind Checker 

Arrow drift… Every archers nemesis. You can throw bits of grass in the air, but why not do it in style with a proper wind checker?