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90cm Layered Foam Archery Target


Heavy duty layered foam archery targets -  Lighter than straw, kind to arrows and weather resistant. Very popular style of target used all over the country for competitions, club and leisure use. 


Please note, colour of the foam may vary!

Suitable usage guide -

  • Competition compound bows - Yes

  • Competition recurve bows - Yes

  • Leisure compound bows - Yes

  • Leisure recurve bows - Yes

  • Traditional bows - Yes

  • Full size crossbows - Good for middle weight crossbows. (The Mybo SURESHOT Product Code:718864 is our best crossbow target)

  • Pistol crossbows - No

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Better that expected
(Posted on 12/01/2014)
Merlin sent my target to me in Ireland within a few days, excellet service. Target soaks up arrows no problem from my 60# PSE Surge even at 15 meters. Its large enough for long distance shots and light enough for one person to easily lift into a car for transport, would recommend to anyone considering one.
Review by Thomas
Does what its supposed to do
(Posted on 30/11/2013)
I have two bows. A 45# bucktrail trad bow with POC shafts and 100grain bullet points. My other bow is a Bear charge compound, 58# with Easton carbon arrows and screw in points. I picked this target up from their shop yesterday and found it to be exactly what I wanted. Works well with both of my bows. I might try turning it round by 90 degrees so the strips run vertically. Some people say you can get more life this way as the arrows slide between the layers. But so far I am impressed. Much better than my old straw boss.
Review by Alex
(Posted on 30/11/2013)
I've been wanting one of these targets for ages but nobody had any stock! So pleased merlin have started making them. I got mine the other day and have already plenty of arrows into it. Enough to know this is a great product. I'm very happy with my purchase.
Review by Martin
Terrible quality ... won't last more than two seasons .. maybe only one
(Posted on 13/06/2013)
I purchased a similar boss from [MODERATED] about six years ago. This one took incredible punishment, including many broadhead shots. It's finally looking ragged.

Unfortunately the new boss from Merlin will most likely last one season, and that with only field tips. Furthermore, we're likely to be re-fletching regularly because arrows go pretty deep most of the time and even the fletching goes in. On many occasions we've had to pull the arrows all the way through instead of pulling them back.

I would therefore NOT recommend this boss.
(Originally Posted on 12/05/2013)
Review by Roger
(Posted on 13/06/2013)
Superb! An amazing addition to anyones home archery set, Lightweight and portable.

Arrows pull out with almost no effort.

Highly commend this item! (Originally Posted on 30/03/2013)
Review by Fletcher
Excellent Target
(Posted on 13/06/2013)
Got this as a christmas present (thanks mum!). Excellent target. No problem stopping arrows from 55lb compound or 175lb crossbow, even at short distance (20ft). Arrows are easy to pull out. have saved a fortune with this as my arrows/bolts dont warp or bend when hitting it (lost so many aluminium bolts to my old compressed card target). Target is large enough to allow for my poor aim, but light enough to easily move around the garden by yourself. Would highly recommend. Took a few weeks to deliver, but once dispatched arrived in a day by courier. Well wrapped. No problems! (Originally Posted on 18/02/2013)
Review by darren
who's the boss
(Posted on 13/06/2013)
If your looking to part with your hard earned cash for a quality target boss this is the one. I’ve tried many types of target boss, including straw and other foam variations. This type: horizontally laminated and compressed is as good as it gets. Other foam bosses boast they are self healing, however are not. This layered boss will take the punishment of many arrows and remain usable for a long time to come. It stops arrows between the foam layers no problem, however arrows are easily pulled. The 90cm is a great compromise between size, weight and manouverability. It is large enough that I can fix a large 80cm target face or multiple brae’s to it with ease. It is compact enough that is goes in the back of a small car. It is light enough that I can easily move it around. It is not a unique product offered only be Merlin; as many other retailers are selling the same product, however Merlin are offering this type of boss at the lowest price I could find. The build quality is excellent, and I couldn’t even make one myself for this price. I highly recommend this product and will be purchasing another when needs be, but it may be a while yet. (Originally Posted on 29/01/2013)
Review by Anthony
Great target
(Posted on 13/06/2013)
it's tough, thick enough to stop a super light carbon arrow shot from a 52# recurve. yet easy to putt the arrows out. what more could you want in a target... oh it's pretty light too, so easy to move around. (Originally Posted on 28/09/2012)
Review by Roger
(Posted on 13/06/2013)
What a fantastic bit of kit. I installed it at the end of my (secure!) garden for some intensive practice, and it has taken an absolute pounding! I have used a number of compound bows from as little as 10m, including a 70lb, 30" hard cam, and it begs for more. When it eventually wears out, I will but another. Simple. (Originally Posted on 18/07/2012)
Review by DocLemon

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