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60cm Layered Foam Archery Target

60cm Layered Foam Archery Target
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Heavy duty layered foam archery targets.

Lighter than straw, kind to arrows and weather resistant. Very popular butt used all over the country for competitions, club and leisure use. (Colours may vary. Paper face not included)

Height of target may very from batch to batch.

Suitable usage guide -

  • Competition compound bows - Yes

  • Competition recurve bows -Yes

  • Leisure compound bows -Yes

  • Leisure recurve bows - Yes

  • Traditional bows - Yes

  • Full size crossbows - Yes

  • Pistol crossbows - No

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Excellent target, at a great price, and really portable
(Posted on 07/07/2017)
What a great little target. Light enough to be classed as portable the size is not too big. I bought this after much deliberating between this, or " target Bag" I am really glad that I bought this as I have been able to shoot it nearly every evening. It has already paid for itself in the short time I have had it. I use a 44llb Compound bow with Carbon one arrows and this stops the arrows quite easily from 5 yards when bare shaft tuning, and also from up to 40 yards. I have noticed that the target boss is now slightly out of square, but what can you expect when it is left outside in the garden for all that the weather can throw at it. Anyone thinking about buying it should not hesitate. Get this target as soon as you can because they sell out very quickly. I will definitely be buying this when the current target eventually dies.
Review by Peter
Well Worth The Asking Price
(Posted on 23/02/2017)
As a newcomer (only been shooting 1 month) I tried to save a bit of cash by making a target boss. the reality for me was that they didn't last very well so finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a proper boss. Delighted with it, it's light so easily taken to wherever I'm practicing, fairly easy to remove arrows from and stops them even paper tuning at 5m with a 50lbs Compound bow.

I'd rather spend an hour actually practicing rather than wasting time making target bosses, others may have a different view but at the price and spread out over the life of the boss (especially using 3 face targets) it's a small investment compared to the cost of the other kit you end up buying.

When it starts to get damaged in the center you can cut the strapping, re-arrange the layers of foam and strap it down again with some ratchet straps.
Review by R Mac
Good value for money but not as good as the more expensive straw bosses
(Posted on 15/06/2013)
Wanting to practice at home I bought one of these inexpensive targets. I am shooting a 30lb recurve an I've been using it most days 74-148 arrows a day with wooden 5/16 arrows with field points. The target has stood up to my arrows very well and I've only used one side. However the foam has folded and arrows bounce, I've reduced this by pulling much of the folds at the centre back out but its not perfect.

All in all considering the price a good butt but you might consider a larger one and move you target face around to prevent a spot getting too worn.

I estimate the butt will last somewhere between 6-12 months.
Review by Simon
Great buy
(Posted on 11/08/2012)
5 years of daily shooting with field points and it's still going! I have started to shred it with my flint points but that is not what this boss is for, so...
I have just ordered the smaller one now that I am more experienced. The other one will have to endure the flints ehehe!
Review by Miguel
Excellent value for money
(Posted on 15/07/2012)
Popped into the shop on my way from work. The team were very helpful in helping me choose the right target. Was surprised how light the boss was and fitted in the boot easy. At home it is easy to set up and catches the arrows well, as I am using a recurve at only 10 metres away.
Review by Glyn
Value for money
(Posted on 01/05/2012)
When you want to shoot away from your club at home and have enough room in your garden to shoot then this is a great boss to use for experienced archers. Novice archers may want to get a larger one just in case but 60cm is more than enough for an experienced archer.

Had it for a few months now and I've easily got my money's worth of enjoyment and practice in because of it!
Review by James

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